By Pauline Burg

Nowadays, there is a multitude of options when it comes to playing online games. That wasn’t always the case, as there have been a number of factors that have accelerated the growth of the industry. Some casinos offer excellent welcome bonuses that reward new customers, with one of the main examples being found with this Lottoland promo code.

Gambling online is now more popular than it has ever been previously, but what factors have played a role in the growth of the sector?


The most important factor that has played a part in the growth of online gambling has been the strides made in technology over the past ten years. Back in the 90s, you couldn’t have believed a world where you play casino games on your mobile device would be possible. However, that is where we are right now. Gambling on mobile devices is the most popular that it has ever been, with the leading sites offering excellent apps to have the best possible experience. Recent studies found that 51% of gamblers opted to play games on their mobile devices instead of a desktop computer.

It isn’t just on mobile devices that technology has played a role, as the developments made have ensured that games can have the best possible graphics, which would have a direct impact on the experience that players will be able to have. Developments in technology continue to play a role in the industry, as the introduction of VR will lead to a more life-like experience when playing games in the future.

Welcome Offers

The online gambling sector has become crowded with new bookmakers looking to get their piece of the pie. These sites have to do something to stand out from the crowd, which has led to exciting promotions being offered to new players. These are now a prominent part of the online sector. Players are more likely to sign up for an account with a site offering an offer, as it will mean that they will be able to make their money go further after signing up.

Promotions often come in a variety of ways, which means that players will need to shop around to find a bonus that is best tailored to them. The continued evolution of the industry ensures that the opportunity to take advantage of these promotions when signing up for an account looks like it will be a prominent factor for years to come.

Selection Of Games

Of course, the most important part of the online casino is the games section. This is where players will be able to play a wide selection of titles, and the popularity of the sector has led to more games being added to libraries of the biggest casinos.

Many of the leading sites will offer a range of slots games, while poker, blackjack, and roulette can also be found. Some sites also go above and beyond by offering bingo and scratchcards too.


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