Is there a career that requires more physical activity and responsibility than a police officer or a firefighter? The physical, mental and emotional demands on first responders are significant and relentless. It’s one of the reasons why they both have annual fitness requirements.

But who is the fittest?

Because the job of a firefighter and a police officer is different, the comparison is challenging. But, to answer the question (and have fun at the same time), Apopka’s first “Guns & Hoses” event was held yesterday during the 2017 Public Safety Day.

Four-man teams represented each department in three timed events. The team with the lowest cumulative time would win the trophy (and bragging rights).

The Apopka Police Department (“Team Guns”). was represented by:

  • Lieutenant Chris Hanstein
  • Sergeant Steve Harmon
  • Officer Justin Lemieux
  • Officer Sean Devanie

The Apopka Fire Department (Team Hoses), was represented by:

  • Firefighter Paramedic Sean Knapp
  • Firefighter Paramedic Scott Harrell
  • Firefighter Paramedic Justin Joseph
  • Firefighter EMT Chris Lenahan

The first event was quite practical.  Transport an injured person as quickly as possible.  Three legs involved carrying the person, dragging the person and then strapping the person to a sled and pulling them to the finish line. The event was close to the final turn where Team Guns had a mishap.  Team Hoses went on to win.

The second event tested the strength and agility of all four team members.  Each took turns flipping a huge truck tire end-over-end.  Again, the competition was close, but Team Guns finished strong and won the event.

The third and deciding event was the Police Car Pull. One team member steered while two pushed and one pulled the car up a 50-yard incline.

Team Hoses won the third event and, with a cumulative time of one minute 47 seconds beat Team Guns by less than 2 seconds.

Use this link to see photos of each event.




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