By Charles Towne

Always speak the good that you desire as if you already possessed it, and if it is our gracious God’s will, because of His great love for you, it will be yours.  Yeah, that’s just the way He works. 

My intent is not to imply that I have arrived, that I am at journeys end because that would imply that I am finished, that I have reached my ultimate destination, I don’t want to do that because, to be honest with you I have just started my journey.

Over the days of my life I have been so blessed to have experienced so many unique adventures in the animal world as a zoo director and as a wildlife photographer, but all of that pales in the light of what I have experienced as I have journeyed from sickness to good health.

Some folks make such a journey into an unpleasant experience, therefore they become unpleasant people if they weren’t already.  Remember, life should be full of joy.

I think lifestyle change, yes that is what its all about, lifestyle change; has some wonderful, almost miraculous results, and it is something that anybody can do, but, and it pains me to say this, we must be willing to give up sleeping in the snake pit!  What do I mean by such a ridiculous statement? Well, years ago, I saw a man that had himself locked in a small glass cubicle about 8-feet-by-8-feet with over 200 diamondback rattlesnakes. He did this in order to get on Guinness’ world record, or something equally insane.

I have done some goofy things in my long and eventful life but that man’s experience was something nightmares are made of.  He lived there, eating, sleeping and whatever, in his little glass room with all of those creepy crawlies for 40 days.

What is your poison?

So many of us live our lives eating and drinking ourselves into an early grave, and if by chance we see a means of escape what do we do?  We say, “Oh I can’t give that up, I enjoy it too much!” And then we continue doing what is making us miserable, or we hobble our way to our friendly witch doctor and he happily prescribes the latest poison to treat the side effects of the poison he prescribed previously that we have been habitually ingesting?  Oh yeah, that makes a lot of sense! And that, or so it seems, is the days of our lives.

Well, as much as we protest the idea of going on a diet the fact is we are already on a diet.  Good or bad, blessing or curse, we are all living or dying according to our chosen diet.

Good health, robust health, comes at a price that so many otherwise intelligent people find too high.

Following are just a few of the dreadful side effects of a healthy lifestyle:

#1  You are going to have an increased awareness of the spiritual.
#2  You are going to have an increased energy level.
#3  You will sleep better.
#4  you will heal, or recover from illness faster.
#5  You will look and feel better.
#6  You will save money due to fewer doctors bills.
#7  You will have fewer aches and pains.
#8  Your mind will be clearer.
#9  You will find yourself able to do things that seemed impossible before.
#10  You are going to be happier.

Yes, there are many dreadful side affects to a healthy lifestyle change, but if you want to live dangerously you might want to give it a try, it makes a lot more sense than living in a little room full of poisonous snakes!
God bless us and give us wisdom that we may bring glory and honor to Him, in Jesus’ Holy name I as it, Amen

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. Oh Chuck, this article hit the bullseye!! What perfect timing you have, seeing how the new year brings all kinds of good intended resolutions! It is difficult, at least for awhile, to give up our favorite unhealthy foods. We all want to feel and look our best, but also indulge in our favorite foods. It takes work, commitment and discipline to achieve our goal. Unfortunately, most of us don’t stick with it.
    I recently read 2 things that really stuck with me. The first is, our bodies are the temple of the Lord and we need to treat them as such. This includes good eating habits, as well as regular exercise. The second is, what we say means something. Our brain recognizes our own voice more than any other and listens intently to what we say. We need to pay attention and speak good, positive things over ourselves. This may be a lot to ask, but we are expecting a lot when we want to live in good health. Thank you for motivating me to truly take my health seriously. God bless you!

  2. Dear CSG, “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight O God, my strength and my redeemer.” Years ago a man gave me a copy of the life changing book: WHAT YOU SAY IS WHAT YOU GET, by Don Gossett. As a writer this is a book I wish I had written because it actually changed my life. It tells us how important words are to every aspect of our lives. I can attest to the fact that WORDS are actually life changing. We are children of God so we should be talking like we are children of God! Blessings my dear friend, Chaz

  3. Yes! Change is uncomfortable for so many. Sadly, for this reason, they discredit the benefits waiting for them on the other side. I agree wholeheartedly with you, dear friend. I say make this discomfort your friend! Use this opportunity to look at it as a sign you ARE DOING IT!!! Change is happening…..
    What an inspirational article. Thank you Charles.

  4. Yes NH, i am guessing that is why it is called “growing pains.” We struggle with certain issues in our lives and perhaps the struggle is what makes it worthwhile! If gold and diamonds could be picked up off the ground with little or no effort perhaps we would not value them? Thanks so much dear friend, Chaz

  5. Charlie, Yes, you are correct. A positive lifestyle promotes a great life experience. I have found, as you stated, that your positivity is conducive to all your listed side effects for a healthy lifestyle. May I also state that I so look forward to you great articles every Sunday.

  6. Herb, you are more than kind with your words my friend. If my feeble attempts bless you and the others that read my articles it gives me great joy, Chaz

  7. I have absolutely no desire to be in a record book. My problem is that it turns out I really, really, LIKE my snakes! They come in Dr. Pepper bottles and even though I have read all the bad things drinking soda does to your health, I still find myself saying, “just one more bottle” I quit drinking and smoking and this seems so small in comparison, that I tell myself it really isn’t so terrible. I have been thinking thoughts lately that say to me , ” if you have to tell yourself that it isn’t so bad, it is bad, so stop it! I wonder who is giving me these thoughts! Must be someone that loves me and wants me to take care of myself! Well it’s a new year…..

  8. Richard my friend, your comment is far more stimulating to my thought processes than a Dr. Pepper could ever be, and I like you, have have always enjoyed an occasional Dr. P. but no more. I find that many people make excuses for imbibing even when they discover the damage that is being inflicted. Yes, when we have to make excuses that is a pretty good indication we are addicted. Some of us carry a monkey around on our backs and that monkey is biting and chewing and tearing, but they make excuses, after all it is their monkey! Thanks so much pal, chaz

  9. You have done it again! Laid out a plan for me to TRY to go by this year! I don’t make New Years resolutions but this time you have made a plan to go by. Thank you Chuck, for all your insight this year. I always find you make me want to improve myself. You are a friend indeed!

  10. Dear Donald, you give me more credit then I deserve pal. You already know what you need to do. sometimes all any of us need is a little shove. God bless you and yours pal. All we have to do is follow a plan, and remember, GOD HAS A PLAN! Chaz

  11. Always a battle to choose the best because the worst is so tasty, inviting, tempting and desirable…but, when we realize who is behind the stuff with all the unhealthy side effects, it is easier to make the better choice. We all need to be encouraged to choose life…at every stage of the game!!!

  12. One of the other side effects of a healthy lifestyle is joining a fitness center where you meet all kinds of like minded seniors. Not content to waste away they are are committed to working out many times per week. You may also be fortunate enough to form a friendship where you reinforce your faith in our Creator to be there whenever you need help or guidance. As always, circumstances change and you no longer run into each other at the gym but keep in touch by phone of simply by reading their thought provoking articles and commenting on the same. Thanks for being that friend Chuck and I look forward to a long lasting friendship but don’t ever think you will get me to join you on one of your snake adventures…

  13. Oh Mike, be nice! As the story goes, it is just the snake’s character to bite! But then it must be some people’s character to behave like snakes! There is a den of diamondbacks not far away and I am going to tag them and I was wondering if you would go along and hold them for me? You hang in there pal and stay safe, bless you and yours, Chaz

  14. Ohhhh Charles, this is an Amazin article and remind me when we share our thoughts and experience. Specially when I Say PEACE. IT gives you the Blessing to heal, breath calm, think deeply and right, and everything positive.
    Thanks Little Brother for such an Amazing Article. GOD Bless You !!!


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