Luis and his daughter, Natalie

From Staff Reports and Habitat for Humanity Seminole-Apopka

Home for the holidays takes on a new meaning when you give to support families in need of affordable homes. Volunteers, staff and supporters who gift their time, talent or treasure are a real part of transforming the lives of families in our community.

One man who has directly benefited from this open hands and hearts generosity is Luis. Currently in the Habitat program, he is working through the process to one day move he and his daughter into their own house. He’s looking forward to knowing what it’s like to finally call a place home. Reflecting on all those generous and caring “future neighbors” and the community who has encouraged and show support in this journey, he wrote note of thanks:

Luis in front of his future home before construction started. He is so excited for his dream of homeownership to come true in the new year.

“I don’t know how to start this thank you note since there are many mixed emotions. I am very grateful to achieve my dream of having my legacy, thanks to you; you give us hope of life. Thank you, because without you nothing of what we yearn for would have come true. You don’t know the big change that you all provoked in our lives. There are no words or actions that can compensate everything you all have done. I know that you have family and duties, but you still have time for us. My blessings together with God’s will be poured out on you all. When I did not expect anything, God put angels near me. Thanks for being those Earth’s Angels that God sent to us.” 

Your generosity to your neighbor does not go unnoticed.

“For the families in the Habitat homeownership program, every dollar given, and every hour volunteered, is a gift,” says Penny Seater, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Semionle-Apopka. “Thank you for your continued support, and a happy holidays to you and your family!”

2020 required each of us to adjust to spending extra time in our homes, making us especially conscious of what we have to be grateful for. Express your gratitude this holiday season with a donation to support housing for families in our community.

If you have questions and for more information, please visit Habitat for Humanity Seminole – Apopka.

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that builds houses around the world for people in need of a decent and affordable place to live. Our roots in affordable housing stem from a farm in Georgia, where farm owners Millard and Linda Fuller, responding to a critical need for adequate shelter for workers, organized volunteers to build affordable homes. They offered homes with low-cost mortgages to families in need. Locally, we’ve been partnering for 28 years with families seeking adequate housing in Seminole County and Greater Apopka. It’s because of tremendous support from many supporters like you that we’re making a difference.


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