For two years now it has ascended from the ground into the northwest Apopka skyline. Commuters from the 414 and 429 have watched it grow into the striking landmark it is becoming. In many ways, it is a symbol of the growth and economic development Northwest Apopka is experiencing along with the Wekiva Trail, and many real estate developments popping up every few weeks. It’s on the intersections of several major access roads, and nearby to many neighborhoods – old and new. But symbolically it’s at the intersections of old and new Apopka.

 However, the new Florida Hospital Apopka is more than a symbolic landmark.

Tim Cook is the senior VP/administrator of Florida Hospital Apopka.
 Later this year, Florida Hospital Apopka will move from its 50-bed home on Park Avenue to a state-of-the-art, 200-bed facility that is poised to serve all of Apopka and the surrounding communities. For the past 40 years, Florida Hospital Apopka has been the destination of choice for thousands of residents and visitors seeking care close to home. Now, it reaffirms its commitment to enhancing the health and wellness of the people in the community for the next 40 years and beyond.

 And reaffirms it in a big way.

Florida Hospital Apopka features 120 private patient rooms, advanced surgical suites, a diagnostic cath lab, and other high-demand services. Plans also include an expanded Women’s Center, outpatient rehab, ICU and medical services while also providing the same quality emergency, cardiology, and imaging services as before.

It will also reflect the character of Apopka by incorporating local greenery into the design and landscaping, along with an architectural style that will bring abundant natural light indoors. It will also include plenty of open space, natural light, and greenery to enhance the holistic approach to revolutionary people-centered medicine.

And as you might expect, the transition from a 50-bed hospital to a 200-bed hospital will create a lot of jobs.

Florida Hospital officials anticipate creating as many as 300 new jobs for registered nurses, pharmacists, and other clinical professionals. Non-clinical opportunities will include security, clerical and housekeeping, along with many jobs also created during the construction process.

Tim Cook: “In some respects, it’s more challenging to go from a 50-bed hospital to a 200-bed hospital. For people who have been there for so long, it’s quite a mind jump.”

Tim Cook is the senior vice president/administrator for Florida Hospital Apopka. Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 4th) will be his first anniversary in that role after being CEO for Florida Hospital DeLand from 2013-2016. He is excited to make the transition and eager to show the Apopka community this new hospital.

“In some respects, it’s more challenging to go from a 50-bed hospital to a 200-bed hospital,” Cook said. “For people who have been there for so long, it’s quite a mind jump. The cultural bridge to transition is a long one. However, the scope and scale of what we can do here versus what we could do there are astounding.”

He referenced as an example the fact that patients will not be transferred to other hospitals for testing because the new Florida Hospital Apopka will be a comprehensive facility in the services it provides.

“When you have to take a patient from Apopka to another hospital for a diagnostic test, that’s a real inconvenience,” he said. “People say ‘we love Apopka, but we know we’re going to get transferred, so we may as well go to another hospital.’ That’s not going to happen anymore.”

Florida Hospital Apopka is slated for a November of 2017 opening.


  1. Check out the billboard at Piedmont Wekiva Road and 436 that changes to different messages and different ads. Look at the one that shows something like this statement: “The new 70 looks like 40″…….referring to age. There is a man’s image on the left. Who does he make you think of? I know who he looks like to me! LOL! I think it is a hospital ad, not sure, as I was riding by, as the light changed, and had to pass by in a hurry……I confess, I just LOVE billboards, dollar stores, and fast food joints! Dollar stores now days are the new former five and dime stores of yesteryear. What is old is new again.


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