Domestic Violence

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By Don Lindsey

With all the different issues we struggle with as a society these days, it can be difficult to know where to provide help or support when the urge to help your community arises.  Conversely, it can be just as hard, if not more so, to find help when you’re facing hardship.  Today’s column will hopefully provide information to those looking to help, or seeking help in situations involving domestic violence.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 20 people each minute are abused by a spouse or intimate partner.  That adds up to 10 million women and men per year.  As most of us are aware, domestic violence can involve physical or mental abuse, rape, stalking, weapons violence and a host of other acts.  While 20,000 calls are made to domestic violence hotlines in a typical day, there are many more who suffer silently out of fear or manipulation by their partner.

Thankfully, in our community, we have some stellar organizations who provide services to those who have been abused.  Today, I will be highlighting two of these groups, Harbor House in Orlando and Elizabeth House in Oviedo.

Harbor House is an organization that works to prevent domestic violence and helps those who have been in an abusive situation.  Their preventive approach is based on educating everyone possible about the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship and works with communities to establish a non-tolerating mindset regarding domestic violence. In their efforts to build healthy communities, they target five specific groups which are first responders, businesses, faith-based organizations, youth, and the general community.

Like most other groups that look to provide positivity to our community, Harbor House uses the donations they receive to provide their services for the folks that they work with.  Items such as baby needs, personal care items, and pet necessities can be donated by scheduling a drop off through their website and monetary donations can be made through that site as well.  Events play a key part towards gaining donations and educating the community.  For instance, their Red Door Luncheon was in October and their Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event is scheduled for February 8, 2018.  You can find out more about this wonderful organization at;

The second group is Elizabeth House.  As a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, they rely entirely on the donations and support they receive from the community.  By providing services such as transitional living, legal services, spiritual enrichment classes and educational programs, this group strives to help the victims of domestic violence.

Their website at contains a lot of useful information about domestic violence.  While, like most of us, I know of people who have been abused, I did not know a lot of the things that I read on their website.  If you have concern for someone you fear is being abused but may not be sure of all the signs, then visit the website and click on the “Domestic Violence” tab.  As I mentioned above, this group relies on donations.  If you would like to donate money or other items, click the “Donations” tab on the website.

The more that I dive into researching area organizations for these columns, the more confidence, and pride I feel for our community.  These two groups along with others like it work hard every day to prevent, help, comfort and love people that have been in these horrible situations.  No woman, child, man or animal should ever have to suffer in my opinion. Just knowing that these organizations are helping those that have been abused to fight back and reclaim their lives, to me, is an example of the good that humans are capable of.

If you are in an abusive relationship or know of someone that is, you may call the Harbor House 24-hour confidential crisis line at (407)-886-2856.  Until next week, God bless and be safe.

Don Lindsey is a follower of Christ, son, husband, father, and a survivor.  Originally from Dayton Ohio, and resident of Apopka for six years, Don sees his life as a dedication to his wife, parents, children, and community.


  1. Don, glad you are writing about this subject, and the organizations who offer help to these victims. I have been reading some info on the internet from experts, that the one factor in domestic violence cases that stands out more so than any other factor, as to who will go on to possibly murder someone, is if strangulation has been committed in the violent acts, or choking a victim with their hands around their necks. It has been studied, and no other violent act such as hitting, punching, kicking, stabbing, or any other, is as important factor, as is strangulation by hands around a neck, that is a future marker for a possible future homicide, or in other words, a person to watch out for, as they are extremely dangerous. This was a factor in the guy who shot up the church in Texas, in the mass killing, as he had strangled his wife twice before, it was said, and also in the case of the Pulse killer, as he had strangled people before, his serial killing terrorist act on the nightclub victims.

  2. I hope you are doing well Don. I am praying for you. I have been trying to think of some inspirations to pass on to you to write about. I am still thinking about some subjects, and will let you know if something comes to mind. Take care Don. Keep up the good work you are doing!


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