Mother’s Day 2019


By Charles Towne                           


She prayed:
She prayed that the little boy she was carrying would be just like Huckleberry Finn, and wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, her prayers were answered!

She continued to pray:
Yes, she continued to pray that you o God would guide, and protect her little Huckleberry friend as he grew,
and her prayers were answered.

She prayed:
Yes, she prayed that You would draw her little boy to you, and though it took time, years of time because evil forces were at work striving for your soul, her prayers were answered.
She prayed, oh how she prayed. for each of her children

Years passed…

He went his way, and she, like any faithful mama, like your mama perhaps, continued to pray.
Then, one day, a day in a lifetime, he surrendered.
Yes, she prayed, and if not for this, more than anything else, what do mothers secretly desire? her prayers were answered.
Yes, because of love she prayed,
And it was enough that she prayed,
Out of love she prayed.

Thank you Papa God, thank you for mama’s prayers, Amen

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. I said a special prayer for my mom at mass this evening and thanked God that I will be able to call her tomorrow and wish her a happy Mother’s Day. She is 93 years young and I know the time will come when I won’t be able to make that call so I thank God for every day we have left…

  2. Mike, bless you my friend. Your mama has to be a real treasure. My mama was 95 when she left us and I miss her so very much. Bless your dear mama and all of her blessed family, even you pal. Chaz

  3. This article made me cry unexpectedly. It made me think of someone I know whose mother wasn’t alive long enough to pray for him during most of his life. Such a reminder of how lucky most of us are to have our mothers, especially praying mother’s!

  4. My dear friend Kristin, I appreciate your sweet spirit. You are so tender hearted. I had to raise my children because of the loss of their mama to a drunk driver when they were very young. No child should have to grow up without their mama. Bless you my dear friend. Chaz

  5. Thank you for being your kind self and for sharing your life’s lessons with so many. Have a Blessed week …..

  6. My Fun Loving Mother: My Mother loved critters. She had birds that would come, when she called, and take handouts. She had an old possum that would come up, late in the evening, and would be waiting by an empty dog bowl. Mother would always have something, like food leftovers or dog/cat food to put in the bowl. Patiently waiting, until mother would put something in the bowl, it would then eat all that had been offered! She even had a way of feeding her “tame” Florida lizards, when she called, with flies she would hit with a swatter. Sometimes there would be more than one lizard, and she would have to work a little faster at her swatter to keep the lizards happy! She always had a cat and dog around and once she had a rabbit called “Sweety” that made it into a newspaper article. Yes! Mothers are special! I look forward to seeing her in Heaven one of these days! Wonder if she has a special pet there?

  7. A truly great article Chuck. My mom never gave up either, not for any of her kids and that knowledge alone kept me during some tough times in my life when I thought I didn’t have to listen any more ’cause I was all growed up! I was so very wrong! This lady who taught me how exciting roller coasters can be, how funny Abbott & Costello are, why would I ever think I shouldn’t listen to her?
    I love you Mom and I miss you and sometimes, when trouble comes, I think I can still hear your prayers!

  8. John, such a joy to know that my little memories of things past and present bring perhaps just a little joy to all you dear folks. May Papa God bless you and yours pal, Chaz

  9. Don, there is something about mamas that is almost magical. Perhaps it is a commonality that binds all of us together? Our mothers were blessed, gifted if you will, with a love for all creation. What a joy! Bless you my brother and my friend. Chaz

  10. Richard, until the day she closed her eyes in final rest she always knew when I needed har. I had the same problem that you had pal, thinking that I had all of the answers when I didn’t even have the questions right. Bless all of you mamas always and forever… Thanks Rich, Chaz

  11. Hey Charlitos !!! What memories and nostalgia your article brings to me when remembering My God, my mother! praying on the balcony. Did You know that She NEVER used an alarm to wake up and give me a medicine? A Hug and Thousands of Blessings for You, Sacred Brother …

  12. Hey Charlie !!! What memories and nostalgia your article brings to me when remembering My God, my mother! Praying in the balcony. Did You know that she NEVER used an alarm to wake up and give me a medicine? One of the millions examples that She could do for us (Four Wild Boys). A Hug and Thousands of Blessings for You Sacred Brother

  13. Leonardo my brother in Jesus, there are times that Papa God brings special people into our lives. Meeting you was one of those times for me. Goes in His wisdom and great love knows and understands jst what we need and when we need it. Looking back in retrospect I realize just how much He loved me and each of us by sending a mother especially for us. That is what He did for you and your siblings. There is going to be a special reunion when your mama will hold each of you again. Blessings on you and yours my friend, Chaz

  14. “Out of love she prayed.”
    Yes, she knew she had no power to control, to turn a wandering foot. Instead, she relied on prayer . . . prayer that was a gift from her heart, to and through the Creator and into the lives of her children.

  15. Oh yes Judith, she was a good mama. And she gave us wonderful gifts. Yes, out of love she prayed, Thank you Papa God. Chaz

  16. What a precious story this week!
    My mama was a praying mama also. She loved her children and
    it showed in everything she did for
    us. I was so blessed to have a godly mother and my children were blessed to have a godly grandmother. Being a mother,
    I hope I was half as good as she was! She is now in Heaven with Jesus and oh, how we miss her….
    especially on Mother’s Day.
    Thanks Chuck, it was beautiful.

  17. Dear CSG, BLESS YOU DEAR FRIEND. Thank you for your kind words that certainly touch hearts and minds everywhere. Let us live up to our mama’s trust and their example always. Chaz


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