Election 2018

Northwest Orange County has spoken, and it has chosen three women to represent them in the Florida Legislature, Orange County Commission, and Orange County Public School Board. Christine Moore won her fourth straight election in Orange County in the last 10 years, Jennifer Sullivan won her third straight contest in the State House District 31 race, and Melissa Byrd won her very first campaign to represent District 7 on the OCPS board.

Orange County Commission District 2: Moore defeats Rumph

Christine Moore

Christine Moore is a political institution in northwest Orange County. She has been a campaign manager and consultant for mayoral and city commission elections in Apopka, and for the past 10 years has been on the Orange County Public School Board representing District 7 which includes all of Apopka.

Moore parlayed that name-recognition last night to defeat runoff opponent Patricia Rumph in the District 2 County Commission election.

Moore received 38,408 votes (55.15%), while Rumph received 31,238 votes (44.85%).

Orange County Public School Board District 7: Byrd routs Schwalbach

Melissa Byrd is a mother, a teacher and a first-time candidate for the District 7 seat of the Orange County Public School Board. And now she can add one more title to her list – District 7 School Board member-elect.

Melissa Byrd

Melissa Byrd defeated her runoff opponent Eric Schwalbach with 39,184 votes (63.21%), while  Schwalbach received 22,808 (36.79%).

“I am beyond honored to be entrusted with the future of District 7,” said Byrd. “Thank you to each and every one of you who gave me your vote. I will work every day for our children to make you proud. I am thankful to all the supporters and volunteers who helped get us over the finish line. Thank you for all you did from sign waving to door knocking. We did this together! Here’s to our future!”

Thank you for everyone’s support,” said Schwalbach. “I met a lot of amazing people and God has a plan that I already knew ahead of time.”

Florida House District 31: Sullivan wins third term in Legislature

Jennifer Sullivan

Republican incumbent Jennifer Sullivan won a convincing victory and a third term in the State House District 31 race in overwhelming fashion, defeating Democratic challenger Debra Kaplan with 45,517 votes (61%). Kaplan received 28,907 votes (39%).

“To the voters of House District 31, thank you so very much for entrusting me to be your voice in Tallahassee. To my volunteers and supporters, thank you for your investment of time and resources. To my family, thank you for your steadfast love and encouragement. To my husband, thank you for always having my back, believing in me when I’m discouraged and being willing to be along for this crazy awesome adventure that is our life in public office and the military. God is faithful and I’m overwhelmed yet again at the privilege it is to be your Representative in the Florida House.”


  1. I am very happy that women are winning many of the elected offices. I would be lying though, if I stated that I support the Republican ones in this election, but I am a Democrat, and that is expected, don’t you think? I don’t hate you all, it is not personal, nothing against you all but partisanship, but I am Democrat, and do not switch parties, if I have other options, and won’t ever switch my registration to another political party, as far as I foresee, and I have been registered as a Democrat since, what, 1983, I believe it was?….I’m not switching! Or if the shoe was on the other foot, or other side, and if you are a registered Republican, you wouldn’t be happy if a Democrat won, now, would you? My take on the mid-term election results are, I can live with the results. The Democrats gained the House power, and a lot of seats plus power to bring forth investigations, is my understand. Would I have been happier, if more Democrats had of won….yes, especially here in Flori-duh, but that is life. David Letterman has stated he never voted for a Republican, ever, as he is a Democrat. I can’t say that myself, as I have voted for Republicans, in local non-partisan races, where there actually wasn’t much choice. I DO NOT vote for Republicans in state and national offices though, and I am not apologizing for that! I very well remember when all the House members voted AGAINST equal pay for men and women doing the same jobs, including women House members, who voted that way…unbelievable to me, in this era!!!! I distinctly remember this, I am certain. These deplorable postings I read from certain Trump lovin’ Republicans are sickening, about how they hate people for being Democrats. It is ridiculous. I am thankful I am not wired full of hate like that. To hate a person, and I mean really deep down hate a person, just because they are of a different political party is sick. REALLY SICK. GET A LIFE!

  2. Another thing, these endorsements of Rick Scott, and his good character….please, spare me! Funny, how he has announced his win, for Senate, when the votes haven’t been confirmed yet,…..I hope and pray he has to eat crow, if the votes tally out differently….lol

  3. The Democrat’s House power starts next year, so look out for the dirt to start up again very soon in the Trump administration. Just had the election, and already there is talk of a government shut down, under Republican control! I voted for Gwen Graham for Governor of Florida, but voted for Andrew Gillum after she lost. I was proud of the way Gillum talked in his concession speech. A class act, that is what he is. I didn’t want De Santis, but the people voted, so that is life, and we will see, if he lives up to the seat!

    • You are right! Gillum showed EVERYONE there is NO EXCUSE to murder the English language. I’ll bet when somebody calls him on the phone, he does not respond, “Who diss?”. When somebody says they are from some company or organization, he probably doesn’t ask, “Who you witch?” If he can properly use the English language so can everybody born in this country!

  4. I’m confused….did Amendment 1 pass or not? I know it had to be 60 percent approval to pass. I never could get the straight on that one. Why should the less valuable home owners, renters, and small business owners have to absorb the taxes to give the well- off people a tax break? Ridiculous! I am thankful the greyhound amendment passed, the 13th one. GreyY2K USA has worked so hard, for so long, pushing to end the cruelty involved on greyhound racing, not just this state, but other states, and internationally also. I used to go to the greyhound racing tracks and bet, but I quit going, and later learned the cruelty involved, a lot of info, I wasn’t aware of, but GreyY2KUSA informed people of that was happening behind the scenes. I really do wonder about what will happen to the 8000 plus greyhounds though. Adopting them out would be wonderful, but that is so many dogs, to find homes for.

  5. Watching the election result numbers last night, I said to myself, something funny is going on, when the results would show one side get a certain percentage total, and the other side, another percentage total, and the two percentages together, would add up to way more than 100 percent! That was crazy! Even our local news anchors were like, what is going on??? Only in Flori-duh!…….And how about the report that a Missouri citizen who went to their poll to vote, on election day, and one of their poll workers asked that citizen, if they were a caravan member? In Missouri???? And how about the report that Brian Kemp, running for Governor in Georgia, and who just happened to be over the State of Georgia elections, was turned away from voting at his polling place because he voter id was invalid??? Elections bring out the whackos!

  6. Seriously, I am going to throw a small hand full of salt over my shoulder to ward off the evil, and hope for the best, going forth until the next elections! God Bless America…….

  7. The day after the mid-term election…. big shakeup!…..US Attorney Jeff Sessions resigns, and Trump announces a nomination replacement very soon!

  8. I have been reading about the president’s daughter, Ivanka, and the trademarks she has gotten from China. She has obtained several rights from China, to do business in various different areas of commerce…wedding gowns, shoes, okay, these articles to sell are predictable….also, not predictable is sausage casings…???….and here is the one I zeroed in on….Ivanka is also going into the business of her own brand of voting machines!!! LOL…OMG!!!

  9. Trump now has an intern US AG. Sessions out, but rumor mill says that Rudy G., Trump’s own lawyer, may be the next US attorney general. Also, former AG of Florida, Pam Bondi’s name is being tossed around also….OMG!

  10. Mr. Trump appears really upset at the candidates that have not “embraced” him. Who knew, that Mr. Trump, is hungry for hugs?

  11. One Republican woman, Marsha Blackburn, who won the Tenn. Senate seat, is one woman that I certainly am sorry to hear won! She is NO friend to horses and horse rescue groups! She is in favor of disgusting practices such as horse soring, and in favor of sending horses off to horrifying deaths at slaughter houses, either off to foreign slaughter houses, or she would probably be in favor of opening them back up once again here on US soil. Along with pet ponies, carriage horses, burros, wild mustangs, racing horses, and big draft horses like the Clydesdales. In fact, any horses or equines, pretty much! And eating horse meat is not the normal here in the US, although it does occur, but it is dangerous to eat horse meat steaks, because of all the vaccinations that horse have been injected with, and other chemicals the horses are subjected to, and it is toxic to eat their meat……….

  12. And here is what REALLY gets me. Senator Lindsey Graham of SC has fought hard to stop cruelty to horses, in fact, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham sponsored anti-horse slaughter legislation, and earned the Humane Society’s Humane Horseman of the Year Award, for his efforts to stop the horror of horse abuse, and slaughter. This is why I respected Senator Graham even though I am Democrat, but here is what is so astonishing to me is that now, Senator Lindsey Graham stopped in to Tenn. and actually campaigned and rallied for Marsha Blackburn! I don’t know why, as he has worked so hard to stop the passage of horse slaughter, then goes trotting off to Tenn. and pulls for her to win….UNBELIVABLE to me!!! Look up these subjects up for yourself, horse slaughter, Marsha Blackburn and horses, and horse soring, if you don’t understand what horse soring is……Florida has a lot more horses than people realize! It seems as if Senator Lindsey Graham has changed for the worst, since his good friend, Senator John McCain passed away. And his actions during the Kavanaugh hearings were OUTRAGEOUS, IMO, to say the least! Now I hear he might be in line for consideration for US Attorney General to replace US AG Jeff Sessions?


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