Looking to Impress your Friends at the next Party?

By Allen Brown

One of the easiest ways to impress friends is to whip out a magic trick and let them gasp with astonishment. The only thing you require is a deck of cards and swift movements to get your audience in awe, be it children or adults. 

Here are a few magic tricks that will make you the next David Blaine of your party.

Super Aces

One person from the audience takes a pack of cards and deals them in four smaller piles. Once dealt, an ace is found at the top of each pile. The trick to this is to secretly remove the four aces beforehand and place them at the bottom of the deck of cards. Then offer the volunteer to deal the cards into four sections placing one card at a time. When the dealing is done, ask them to turn over the top cards to reveal all the aces you have placed there beforehand.

Pick a Card

This is one of the most classic tricks, and chances are you have already seen it before. In this trick, the magician offers the volunteer to pick any card from the deck he is offered. After asking the volunteer to make a mental note of their card, it is put back in the deck. The cards are shuffled and the magician easily retrieves the card that the volunteer had selected. The trick to this is to separate the cards between the red and black deck. When the volunteer picks a red card, add it back to the black deck and vice versa. When you will go through the cards, you can easily identify the one odd colored card in the deck and pick it out. 

A Cheaters Win

In this card trick, you can start by telling your audience how easily cheaters can cheat and get cards of their choice when they want. After dealing a five-card poker, you will show everyone that no one has any special cards. However, when you will deal again, you will reveal that you have a royal flush. The trick to this is to start by secretly removing the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten cards of a selected suit and placing them on top of the deck. Deal it clockwise and so the first cards of your deck go to every player. Then after showing them ordinary cards, deal them again by picking up the dealt card one on top of another. This way when you show cards to each other the second time you will have a royal flush!

There are many such magic tricks available online that you can learn from. The key is to practice playing the cards secretly and swiftly so as not to make your movements unnatural. Also, try to learn these tricks when you are alone so you can be more prepared when you do it in front of an audience. A nice magic trick is sure to spice up any party or gathering with an audience that is amazed and surprised. 


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