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Dollar General launches new DGX concept store

Dollar General launched a new concept store that caters to the lifestyle city-dwelling millennials.

The small-format store, called DGX, opened its first store in Nashville’s West End. It kicked off its grand opening celebration in January, which ran for eight days. Customers enjoyed exclusive discount offers, in-store product samplings, goodie bags and many other surprises.

The new DGX store format provides urban shoppers with a focused selection of consumable items and instant consumption options in a compact format. Dollar General is also opening a second DGX in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“We are excited about our new smaller store concept and the opportunity to serve busy, city-dwellers with everyday low prices on the essentials they need in a convenient, easy-to-shop format,” said Todd Vasos, Dollar General’s CEO. “The DGX format is geared to meet the needs of the millennial shopper, which is an emerging and important part of our customer base and will help us broaden our appeal to attract a new segment of urban customers who put a high premium on value and convenience.”

With approximately 3,400 sales floor square footage, DGX offers customers items geared toward instant consumption including a soda fountain, coffee station, and grab-and-go sandwiches.

Additional items include a limited assortment of grocery offerings, pet supplies, candies and snacks, paper products, home cleaning supplies, an expanded health and beauty section and items not typically found in quick-trip stores, including a carefully edited assortment of home décor, electronics and seasonal offerings.

The store also offers a checkout lane geared toward a high-volume, smaller basket size store with the goal of providing a quick and easy check-out for customers.



  1. DGX….wonder when one of those newer kinds of Dollar General will open here in Florida? The Dollar General that is proposed for south Apopka has been talked about for a very long time. I remember the talk about a Dollar General wanting to come in and build in that area way back, and it is not a proposal that just came about. Kind of like the talk about the Krystal Hamburger place for 441 downtown that kept getting talked about, but didn’t ever materialize. I believe the Dollar General will get built however.

  2. Dollar General is in battle to maintain its niche market share. Competition from Dollar Tree which also owns Family Dollar. Then there is Walmart which has changed the game by always recreating itself through pure dominance. So you have to give Dollar Tree credit for trying. Lessons that the big retailers like Sears, JCP, Dillard’s, and Macy’s are learning the hard way. The US is changing and you must evolve to be revelant.


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