dollar general

A contractor has started the process to get the City of Apopka to approve the construction of another dollar store in Apopka.  If approved the new Dollar General would be located at 57 East Michael Gladden Boulevard.  That address would put the new store at the northwest corner of Michael Gladden and South Park Avenue.

The contractor’s conceptual plan was reviewed by the Apopka Development Review Committee (DRC) during its meeting on Wednesday, March 1st.

If approved, the store would be built on a parcel that is currently empty. It would be the fourth Dollar General store in Apopka, but only the second as a stand-alone building.

The proposed 7,500 square foot store will have two parking lot entrances; one from South Park Avenue and the other from Michael Gladden Boulevard.



  1. Why so many nasty negative comments on Apopka Voice Facebook about the proposed building of the Dollar General Store in south Apopka? All I have heard all along is that more businesses needs to open in south Apopka. Now a company wants to build a new store and open and people are grumbling. It is a family oriented business. Some people will be glad that they don’t have to drive so far to buy regular household items. So what is the problem? Apopka is not unique in that they have several dollar stores…..lots of towns have plenty of them. Drive around and you will see them everywhere in lots of locations in other towns. They have a right to build and operate.

  2. We do not need another dollar store in Apopka. Enough is enough. Apopka is small. We plan to revive the Apopka downtown no bring more of these type of buss into town.
    Stop this plan. We will organize a protest to stop this.
    If we need new leadership with a better vision for Apopka


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