2018 Oath of Office Ceremony Draws Hundreds to Orange County Convention Center

From Orange County News

Hundreds of Central Floridians attended the historic Oath of Office ceremony for Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings, who was sworn in by Chief Judge Frederick J. Lauten of the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court on Dec. 4, 2018, and District 2 Commissioner Christine Moore, who represents Apopka.

District 2 Orange County Commissioner Christine Moore

“I am elated for the opportunity to continue my public service as Orange County Mayor after serving as the elected Sheriff for a decade. The future holds great opportunities for us to build on Orange County’s thriving and robust economy,” Mayor Demings said. “My primary focus will be on smart growth, sustaining livable neighborhoods, public safety, business development, education and forming partnerships with a regional emphasis. Our priority is to make Orange County the best community for our residents, businesses and guests.”

With record-breaking attendance, the ceremony at the Orange County Convention Center was attended by more than 1,400 residents and watched by many more online. Orange County also welcomed District 2 Commissioner Moore, District 3 Commissioner Mayra Uribe and District 4 Commissioner Maribel Gomez Cordero, who were all sworn in for their first terms on Tuesday morning. Commissioner Victoria P. Siplin will serve District 6 for another term.

Commissioner Moore, who was sworn in by Senior Pastor Paula White of New Destiny Christian Center, will serve District 2, the northwest part of the County which includes Apopka, Ocoee, Pine Hills, Orlando, Zellwood, and Lockhart.

“This is the beginning of a new journey of servant leadership for me. We must address the issues which constituents expressed to me the most – traffic, an inadequate transportation network, pedestrian safety, protecting a strong economy, and ensuring high paying jobs as the foundation of a healthy community,”  Commissioner Moore said. “Finally, my folks are extremely concerned about the septic regulations, in conjunction with, protecting our lakes, springs, and water.”

Fred Kittinger, Senior Associate Vice President, Government Relations for the University of Central Florida, served as the ceremony’s emcee. The talented Jones High School Master Singers provided the pre-ceremony music and 11-year-old violinist Leah Flynn performed “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.

The National Anthem was sung by Allison Cento and the Invocation was provided by Terence R. Gray, I – Senior Pastor at Saint Mark AME Church. The Presentation of Colors was offered by Orange County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard, the Orange County Fire Rescue Honor Guard and Orange County Corrections’ Honor Guard. The Pledge of Allegiance was provided by Vionn Welcome of Boy Scouts of America Troop 642.


  1. The real challenge for all of them is: Let’s see if Orange County’s millage rate on real estate property taxes stays the same flat line, like it has for the last 24 years! Somehow, I don’t think it will happen, but it should, because if the others could achieve that while serving, then this Orange County Commission Council should be able to do it too. Also remember the amendment about the extra property tax break on certain valued homes did not pass, so no loss of revenue there, as was expected.

  2. It will certainly be interesting to see how the former Sheriff of Orange County manages as Mayor of Orange County. I am not stating that because I am against him, as I am not against him, but because of the situation in Volusia County, where their county sheriff is name-calling the Volusia County Commissioner Council members “scum-bags” over the issue of sheriff budget control. Wow, somehow, it is very entertaining to hear the sheriff call criminals “scum-bags”, but it sure seems disrespectful, when the county sheriff calls the county commissioners “scum-bags” over power- plays of his own sheriff budget.

  3. Florida Governor Rick Scott must certainly think he can’t be replaced. He is sooooo egotistical that he won’t resign as governor, then be sworn-in as senator, with the rest of the senator-elects, on Jan. 3, in DC. NOOOOOO, he has stated he will stay on as governor until Jan. 8, as he promised his constitutes that he would serve them each and everyday as governor. Huh! He will be sworn in, as senator, at a later date, than the other senator-elects, and will be sworn in, in Florida, is my understanding??? What a guy! He sure was in a big big rush to get to orientation, as a senator, though. Didn’t look like he was looking out for Florida constitutes then! Looks like he would let his Lieutenant Governor, take over for those very few days, in early Jan. and let him have his little glory days, after all, when Scott’s pick as his first Lieutenant Gov left her position, due to her alleged involvement with internet cafes, then Scott waited almost one year to pick and appoint this current Lieutenant Gov, so it is not like the position of lieutenant governor would be in dire need for a few days …..I forgot, Rick Scott thinks he, himself, is sooooo important! IMO, I think he is a total control freak! I got news for him, he isn’t going to control the senate!

  4. The NC election wasn’t certified due to alleged voter fraud. ” Ballot harvesting”, so they said. Wow, that was a new one on me, never heard of that one. New farmers popping up everywhere around the country… What crop do you grow? What do you farm? ” Oh, I ballot harvest.”….??? Well, Ms. Nancy has a say so about that. Nancy Pelosi says that they don’t have to seat and accept anyone elected by fraud! You go girl! They should not have certified this state’s elections, either, as it was stolen again!

  5. Reading the Apopka Chief yesterday, I was shunned to read one of my classmates from my days at Apopka Memorial High had passed away. Judy, one of the nicest people ever. Doesn’t seem fair. I don’t have a clue as to what caused her passing, but it was both shocking, and very sad to me. She was always so quiet, and reserved. I remember us in vocational office class together in high school. She worked for Orange County tag office for 40 years, I believe her obit stated. That is a long long time to work for one place. Another Apopka Blue Darter classmate gone, but not forgotten. Class of 1974. I would only see Judy when I would go to the tag office for something, but most of the time she was there, and would wait on me. She worked there forever, so it seemed. She worked at the tag office when it used to be at the Orange County Service Building on RS Road, then up on 436, then next to Staples on 441, and finally there at Clarcona Ocoee Road in what I call Lockhart. Rest in peace Judy. I am heartbroken.

  6. I am having a lot of pain in my feet tonight from diabetic neuropathy. I can’t sleep. The burning, the shock waves, outright pain. There is no cure. No real remedy, you just have to put up with the condition, and try to manage it all. It gets worse in the cold weather too…..

  7. Looking back over the article up above, you know what surprises me? That “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, can actually be played on a violin??? I would have loved to have heard that performed.

  8. We went to the Christmas parade on Saturday in Apopka. Saw the politicians riding in the parade….but there were some of the usual sights that were missing. Where were the clowns that walk along the streets and shake hands with the kids? Did they ban the clowns? I didn’t see them. Maybe they were there, but I didn’t see them. Where were the vendors with the grocery buggies with the racks of cotton candy bagged up to sell, plus the popcorn for sell too? And here is the biggie for me…..I think this is the only year I didn’t see even one horse in the Apopka parade, that is unreal to me! I have been attending the parade since I moved here in 1970, and the Apopka parade always had a lot of horses. The sheriff deputies weren’t even in the parade this year, on their beautiful horses. On a positive note, that huge Great Dane dog dressed up in a costume of another dog pushing him from behind, and hanging onto Christmas packages on the big dog’s back was awesome, I loved him, my favorite of all the parade! Plus the beauty queens in their big hoop dresses strolling down Park Av. If they weren’t beauty queens, they should be! And that very long classic Malibu Chevy that had a lovely yellow paint job. Wish I had a car like that! We sat next to a family with their adorable tiny white dog in his Santa shirt named Tequila. It was a great day for the parade, not too cold, but I had to leave my doggie, Joey, at home, because he would have freaked out with the sirens, and noise, and it would have stressed him with his current heart condition, too much this year, and he would have went into a non-stop coughing fit, with his enlarged heart.


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