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Deals and assistance for government workers affected by the shutdown


It’s been 28 days since the partial government shutdown began, making it the longest in history. As the shutdown continues, businesses and even the City of Apopka are stepping up to assist workers with discounts and freebies.

Here is a partial list of those helping out government workers:

AT&T- is offering to work with federal employees to avoid loss of internet or phone service.

Sprint- will work with federal employees to find a payment plan option that works to keep service from being interrupted.

T-Mobile- in a tweet, T-Mobile shared that customers who need help with flexible payment/ deferral options should call 611

Verizon- issued a company statement asking government employees to contact them about the Promise to Pay initiative where you can pay your bill at a later time,  find the details here.  

GEICO– in a tweet, they state, “discuss your billing options, our insurance agents are available online or by phone at (800) 207-7847.”

Rosetta Stone – is offering three months, no-cost online subscription where you can learn another language.

The City of Apopka is also assisting any federal employees impacted by the government shutdown. The City will work with any resident who is affected by the shutdown. Eligibility will require proof of employment. A resident seeking assistance will need to bring a current pay stub and a government-issued ID to the City of Apopka Water Office (150 E 5th St). If you have any questions, please contact the utility billing department for more information at 407-703-1727.


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