From the Florida American Legion

Jack Kump and his wife Joan Wheeler of Port Orange continue to impact the Florida veteran community and recently donated 16 brand new mobility scooters to The American Legion Department of Florida. Inspired by their commitment to our veterans, SpinLife has added an additional scooter, free of charge, for a total of 17 brand new mobility scooters to be given away to Florida Veterans. 

This marks the fifth year Jack and Joan have generously donated mobility scooters to Florida’s veterans. We asked Jack and Joan what prompted such a noble act. According to Jack, “Without the military influence, discipline, Espirit de Corps, and direction, my life would have probably taken a much less productive path”. Jack and Joan believe that all vets are very special and should be recognized, shown compassion, and never overlooked or forgotten. “The scooters are being donated in memory of two WWII vets very special in our lives, Joan’s late father, Robert I. Wheeler, and Jack’s late mentor, Leonard  F. Wedge.” 

This week, a mobility scooter will be donated to Ray Beault, a Vietnam Veteran from Tallahassee. He  previously wrote the the American Legion Department saying, “If I had a scooter, it would significantly change my life.” Jack and Joan will be arriving at The American Legion, Department of Florida’s State Headquarters office to see their generosity in action. 

Additionally, David Miller, Purple Heart recipient and long-time member of the American Legion, and representatives from Ormond Strong and Wounded Warriors Abilities Ranch will also be in attendance to show their appreciation. David will distribute several scooters within the Tampa area to deserving veterans. Debbie Forrester, Commander of Ormond Strong, will be presenting two Korean War Era veterans with scooters within the Ormond Beach area.

Florida is home to more than 1.6 million veterans, 22% of those veterans have claimed some level of disability. Jack and Joan have asked that these mobility scooters be distributed to disabled veterans who are in need and lack the funds or insurance to cover the costs on their own. They have entrusted The American Legion, Department of Florida with the distribution of this remarkable act of kindness. 

The American Legion, Department of Florida would like to extend a debt of gratitude to Jack and Joan, on behalf of all  Florida Veterans. It is this type of compassion and kindness that we wish for all of our veterans.   

The American Legion Department of Florida is the nation’s oldest, largest, and most active veterans organization.  It proudly stands at over 130,000 members with more than 300 Legion Posts across the state. Members rally to support our military and their families in a variety of ways through promoting strong national security, advocating patriotism and honor, mentoring youth, and sponsoring wholesome programs within our communities. For more information on these mobility scooters or other programs through this organization visit their website:


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