By Mike Gilland

I remember hearing my dad say, “Boy, once you hit 30, the years seem to fly by…”  I am not sure just how old I was when he said that, but I was probably 7 or 8, making my dad about 35.  Of course, at the time, I couldn’t relate to that at all. My days seemed very long. And the wait for school to be over?….an eternity.  Then, there was the never-ending anticipation for Christmas to come. Yeah, I couldn’t relate to my dad’s thoughts at all. That was then.

Now, a most unusual thing is happening.  Young people are making the same remarks as my dad made all those years ago!  And – they are young…very young!  

I have a few thoughts about the reason for this phenomenon.  I suspect that the sheer amount of visual stimulation that hits today’s young people on an hourly basis can be downright overwhelming.  There is no shortage in ways for our youth to spend their hours, their days, their weeks… making it seem to them that there is just not enough time in a day to get in all the video streaming, social media, TV, movies, etc.  The end result – kids are now saying what only adults once uttered. “Time is flying by…”

Now, just so you know, I am all for all of the things mentioned.  But I do caution parents to make sure that your children haven’t jumped on the train to exhaustion!  A new common site is to see a group of people sitting in a church lobby, or at the airport, or in the living room at Christmas, with each person’s head bowed as they are texting or looking at a phone or tablet.  I am pretty sure that it is possible that all of these neat, time-saving and entertaining devices are bringing fatigue to our minds, and causing a new sense of isolation. And wherever there is isolation, loneliness is not far behind.

We can fight this by having a good, old-fashioned hobby, doing something with others that you enjoy – without the interruption of cell phones or tablets.  Breathe – enjoy life – make a memory…and you might just sense a bit of slowdown in your life!

Feature Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Mike Gilland is Operations Manager for The Shepherd Radio Network, a group of radio stations in Florida that features the “Christian Teach/Talk” format.  Mike hosts a daily talk radio show in the 2 PM hour called “Afternoons with Mike”, talking to local pastors and newsmakers.  In Orlando, The Shepherd is heard on WIWA, AM 1270.   In addition to his broadcast experience, Mike spent 36 years in full-time ministry as a pastor and worship leader.  As a guitarist, Mike performs at concerts, restaurants, private parties, etc. He is married to Cindy, the father of four grown children and grandfather to seven grandchildren.


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