Apopka Community Center is an early voting site for Florida Primary 2020 (519 S. Central Avenue)

From the City of Apopka

The City of Apopka is here to support our community during the coronavirus pandemic with safe and convenient testing.

They will be offering 100 free Antibody Tests daily starting Monday, May 4 from 8 AM to 6 PM (or until the tests run out that day). Antibody Tests will be offered for the next two weeks on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

UPDATE: May 4, 3:20pm

Mayor Nelson spoke with The Apopka Voice and shared that by 9am this morning they had already gone through their 100 tests. He emphasized that they will remain open on Wednesday and Friday this week from 8am until their 100 tests are done. Tests are administered on a first come, first serve basis.

Next week the City is planning on changing the testing hours, so keep posted. The hours will be changed to make it easier for those who work from 8am – 6pm to have a chance to get tested as well.

Mayor Nelson made clarifications on testing details as follows:

(1) This test is free and available to anyone, not just Apopka residents.

(2) There are no specific medical qualifications or criteria for being tested.

(3) The antibody test does not tell you if you have an antibody to COVID-19 or not. See below for further details on the testing process.

(4) The test will let you know if you have an active virus present, and if you do, you will be directed to be tested for COVID-19 specifically. This can be done at the Community Health Center, Apopka this week, and at the Apopka Community Center next week.

How to get tested

Simply show up to the Apopka Community Center located at 519 S. Central Avenue in Apopka. Tests will be given on a first come first serve basis. Stay in your car and follow the direction of the staff.

Where to get tested

Apopka Community Center located at 519 S Central Avenue, Apopka, FL


Who can be tested

Anyone above the age of 18. No walk-ups allowed, you must be in vehicle. You do not have to be an Apopka resident.




What to bring

Bring your driver’s license or government issued ID

Test process and what it determines

STEP ONE: Blood prick goes on a strip and within 5 minutes you will know if the test is working properly.

STEP TWO: Within 10 minutes you will know if you have antibodies. While the results will show if you do or do not have the presence of antibodies, it does not specify if you have the COVID-19 antibody.

STEP THREE: Determines if there is an active virus present or not.

STEP FOUR: If an active virus is NOT present, you are done. If an active virus IS present, you will go to step five to determine if you have COVID-19.

STEP FIVE: This week, if you have an active virus present, you will be instructed to go to the Community Health Center (located at 225 E 7th St, Apopka) to get a swab test for COVID-19. Mayor Nelson explained that this is not a very comfortable test as the swab must go deep into the nasal passage. This is why the previous steps are in place so not everyone has to experience the more uncomfortable test if no active virus is present.

GOOD NEWS: Next week, the swab test for COVID-19 will be able to be done at the Apopka Community Center, so everything can be handled in one location. Staff is being trained on proper testing techniques this week.

Your test results

You will receive your results before you leave the test site.

If your antibody test shows you have an active virus present, you will be referred to alternative testing sites, including the Community Health Center for further definitive testing. This next step will inform you on whether or not you have COVID-19. Per Mayor Nelson, the City will have the COVID-19 tests available at the Apopka Community Center by next week so you do not have to go anywhere else to have it done.

Check out Mayor Nelson’s video on this new testing site


  1. Dear Mayor Nelson
    I am a VERY CONCERNED PARENT of a 16 year old African American young man. My son was walking to my my home from my husbands home the other day and upon entering the house I knew something was wrong and I asked him what was wrong? He said Mom the police are bothering me and I said “what do you mean? Why would they be bothering you? What did you do? He said nothing I was just walking over here and they started bothering me I said well maybe because you don’t have a mask on and you should where is your mask? He said “it’s in my pocket I said”well that’s a great place for it to be” he said “that’s the problem I had it on and took it off and put it in my pocket!” This outraged me, because as an African American we are in a pandemic and we need to protect ourselves but our young men even the ones that have parents that are doing our best to keep them out of trouble off the streets but still able to be teens and have healthy relationships with their friends and family. What are we supposed to do? I’m not comfortable going outside without a mask on but My son doesn’t want to wear one because he fears the police making him another statistic of “it was a mistaken identity” or I thought he got the description” I try my best to teach my kids especially my boys about choosing the right company and friends wisely, if they are doing things that are wrong then you leave We are trying our best please help me with an answer what are we supposed to do? Signed a very concerned parent


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