Parks and recreation increased, police and fire created

The Apopka City Council voted 5-0 at yesterday’s meeting to raise impact fees for parks and recreation¬†and to begin charging impact fees for police and fire services.

The increased impact fees for parks and recreation will go from $241.05 to $1,060. The new impact fees for police is $747, while the fire impact fee is $708.

The total impact fees for Apopka new housing construction increases from $9,393 to $11,667, which puts it slightly higher than Orange County impact fees ($10,410), but in the middle of similar cities in Florida according to a graph provided by Public Resources Management Group (PRMG)

According to information in the City Council agenda packet from the January 3rd meeting, the City contracted with PRMG to conduct a study needed to support its ability to charge impact fees on new construction for both fire and police services for future capital needs. It also contracted with them to study possible modifications to existing parks and recreation impact fees. All three completed studies have been previously discussed with Council in workshop settings.

PRMG made recommendations based on those studies, which the City Staff recommended to the Council, who accepted the recommendations at the January 4th meeting.


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