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The Apopka City Council will consider Mark Reggentin as the city’s new community development director at a public meeting planned for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall, 120 E. Main St.

Reggentin started as a city planner in Lake Mary in 1989. He has served for 22 years as planning director in Mount Dora, overseeing projects very similar to Apopka.

Mark Reggintin
Mark Reggintin

His lengthy service in Mount Dora included an overhaul of the city’s comprehensive development plan and land development code. Apopka will undergo some of these needed improvements in the near future.

Reggentin managed Envision Mount Dora – a long-range community planning project identical to Visioning Apopka that currently is creating a community consensus for future public improvements here. He oversaw Mount Dora’s two community redevelopment agencies – Apopka is focusing on its own community redevelopment area to encourage development of blighted properties downtown.

Mount Dora has worked for many years to develop its quaint downtown as a popular destination for small businesses and visitors. Apopka residents have emphasized the need for this city to create a city center as a scenic, walkable destination to shop, host events and encourage economic development.

Mount Dora worked with the Florida Department of Transportation and the Central Florida Expressway Authority for development of the Lake County portion of the Wekiva Parkway – a leg of the major highway project that will directly link Mount Dora to Apopka. Mount Dora also leveraged state and federal grants to offset costs of local community improvements similar to Apopka’s current efforts to expand public utility services.

Reggentin also oversaw Mount Dora’s historic preservation of local buildings – another priority among residents in Apopka who want to preserve this area’s small-town feel amid a growing population of 45,000 residents spread across 33 square miles northwest of Orlando.

The City of Apopka has selected a government planner with decades of local experience to help plan the future of Orange County’s second largest municipality.

The appointment of the city’s new community development director comes at a critical time when Apopka is establishing a public vision for improvements over the next ten years. New businesses are moving into the area, expanding industrial, high-tech and medical jobs. The $1.6 billion Wekiva Parkway will further establish Apopka as a major transportation hub and a magnet for economic development.

Each of these emphasize the need for strong community planning. Mark Reggentin knows all about that with 27 years of experience as a government planner in Central Florida.



  1. I remember something in the news about this man, and how someone was sending anonymous letters to him in Mt. Dora, and to his home, and was threatening him ,and his family. Did they ever catch and arrest the culprit, that was trying to scare him away from applying for, and getting the city manager job that he wanted? That was bad, that someone would go to that extreme, to do that, to the man. It must have been someone on the inside that wanted the job themselves, or someone that wanted another person to get the job.

  2. More frequent travel miles too. They are going to travel to see other cities, just got back from council meeting.


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