Grand Opening Celebration to Include Free Fried Chicken Coupons, Swag and Lots of Family Fun

Church’s Chicken is celebrating the grand opening of its newest restaurant in Apopka, and food, fun, and swag are all on the menu. With festivities planned for Friday, August 23rd, the new Apopka Church’s Chicken is bringing the delicious taste of its original and spicy hand-battered fried chicken, Honey-Butter Biscuits, and signature sides.

Goalz Restaurant Group, FLA is behind the building of this brand-new Church’s location which is the first of two new locations in Florida.

“The entire team could not be more excited to bring job opportunities and successful business growth and development to the city of Apopka,” said Shawn Eby, CEO of Goalz. “We are very proud to bring one of the country’s most legendary fried chicken brands to Central Florida and to the people of Apopka who recognize and appreciate the quality and culinary skill that goes into each and every Church’s meal.”

Guests will find the new restaurant bears the brand’s STAR Image Design, which includes Church’s latest interior seating options, new exterior design and color palettes, and contemporary lighting inside and out.

The official grand opening of the Apopka restaurant is set to take place on Friday, August 23rd at 10:30 a.m. at 845 S. Orange Blossom Trail. A commemorative ribbon-cutting ceremony, officiated by the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce, will kick-off the festivities. Church’s discount coupons and promotional items will accompany purchases made by the first 250 guests. Free Fried Chicken coupons will also be randomly given out to guests with purchase throughout the opening week. The public is invited to stop by for food and fun – a great time for the whole family.

Church’s is world-renowned for their freshly prepared original and spicy chicken and fresh-baked Honey-Butter Biscuits™ made from scratch daily. “We’re glad to see Goalz opening its first Florida location, with a second one coming soon to Melbourne, Florida,” said Pete Servold, Executive Vice President of US Operations at Church’s Chicken. “At Church’s, we believe that groups like these understand more than anyone what their local communities look for in their restaurants.”


  1. congrats on the opening, i was there ne of the first 20 or so, would have been first in line and gt the year of free chicken, however one site said 10am another said 10:30, and the one even said 1pm. I waited patiently I understand they are new and learning and I joked around and kept it light, when i was call up my order was still nt quit ready, still cool again learning curve. I gt home open my delicious chicken tenders….. except one thing tey were original and I had ordered spicy…..that made me sad. the wait would have been ok but at least make it the correct order… still want my spicy chicken and a a better chance at the year of free chicken… all in all it was still very god all employees were very nice, and now many of them know me…..HI IM ROBERT!…lol

  2. Okay, after reading about Church’s Chicken opening today, just awhile ago, I sent my husband to get us two chicken dinners. He brought back two three piece mixed dinners, that came with a drink, and I got fries, and he got mashed potatoes. I got one of their honey biscuits, but they forgot to put one in my husband’s dinner, as he always to forgets to look in the bags before he leaves. The chicken was tasty and just right. He brought home a little white foam rubber chicken with the Church logo on it, a pen case with the logo, some candy, and a new ink pen with the logo, and a coupon if you buy so many dinners the next is free. I looked at the receipt, and here is what I thought was weird. Instead of just adding the state sales tax, which I believe is 6.5%, because my husband just bought a spark plug at Auto Zone, and that was what was on that ticket, as it stated total tax 6.5%, our receipt from Church’s had it like this: our bill total was 7.49 and 7.49 totaling 14.98 before added tax, then it added the tax like this-county .08 cent, city tax .68 cent, and state tax .60 cent…..okay, I have NEVER seen this on any of my receipts, just state sales tax. By my calculations I took the amount pretax and added 6.5 percent sales tax and I came up with $15.95, but our receipt total after taxes was $16.34 which is .39 cent too much, as I figured it. So come on, that is over 9% sales tax people!!!! I am using my calculator. What is going on???? $14.98 plus 9% is $16.32 and our total was $16.34 ?????????

  3. The worse chicken I’ve ever tasted. It was very dry, unlike the one the one on Orange Bloom Trail. Will never dine in there again

  4. This is the worse experice I’ve had with chruch’s chicken, the chicken was very very hard unlike the one OBT.I Will not visit the store again


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