Christine Moore Declares Re-election Candidacy for School Board

Christine Moore is seeking re-election to the District 7 Orange County School Board seat compromised of Apopka, Clarcona, Lockhart, Oakland, Ocoee and Winter Garden.

Christine Moore - District 7 School Board Representative
Christine Moore – District 7 School Board Representative

According to her announcement, Moore is the first candidate to qualify by petition collected 1,007 valid petitions in only 30 days.

Moore listed the following issues as her “Platform for Orange County Public Schools:”

  • Less State-Mandated Testing – shorter testing windows to ensure greater learning time
  • Greater Emphasis on Teacher Recruitment and Retention
  • Recess in Elementary Grades – ensure adequate access at all schools
  • Equity of State-of-the -art Technology – expand the one-to-one initiative to all schools
  • School Safety – complete fencing and card-reader access
  • Parent Involvement – OCPS boasts a district app and parent academy but needs to encourage greater parent volunteerism on campuses

On the issues involved in the operation of Orange County Public Schools, Moore said, “We need to finish approving a school citing ordinance with the county, in order to ensure timely, fiscally prudent land acquisition and site approvals.”

OCPS expects 3,000 to 5,000 new students for the 2016-2017 school year. The district already educates nearly 200,000 students with a 3.7 billion capital and operating budget.

Ms. Moore is a member of the Apopka and West Orange chambers of commerce, Museum of the Apopkans, Winter Garden Heritage Foundation, Orange County History Center, and Friends of the Wekiva. She is active in leadership of the Florida School Board’s Association. She also attends Trinity Baptist Church and plays the flute in the orchestra. Moore is a cum laude graduate of the University of Michigan in Music Education. She lives with her two adult children and granddaughter Leah.



  1. Be sure to check out Christine’s campaign donation reports, and who donates to her campaign. I wonder if discretionary funds (taxpayer money) can be used for that? I know they would love to, if they could find a way. Transfer, maybe??? Give, give, give, if it doesn’t come from THEIR own pockets!!!! They might even donate to her, in their family dog’s names……..when are the debates? I must go and see the big show…… about some speed limit signs in the front of Apopka High School! They are sorely missing!!! Just basic stuff like that, why can’t that be handled? It is not like you haven’t heard it requested before.

  2. I would fall out if I saw complete fencing around Apopka Elementary School. I’ve always felt like that school got the shaft compared to the other schools around. Yes, it is new, but where is the fencing? I am not talking about around the retention ponds or utility fixtures, but I am talking about all the way around the entire schoolyard. No, I don’t expect the COA to pay for it either, I expect the half-cent sales tax for schools, that was voted in to pay, or the high taxes recently approved by Orange Co., to pay for the school doings. I believe that I am correct on that, regarding Orange County. Increased school impact fees, I believe, that were approved by Orange County. The little kids need the fencing more than the older teenagers around the schools.

  3. I see yet another candidate is in the race for District 7 Orange County School Board. The latest candidate is a lady from Winter Garden, and that brings the total running to 5 candidates! Also, I am seeing 3 in the Orange County Sheriff’s race! I only knew of 2…….for sheriff.


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