Apopka Memorial Middle School added to shelters

From the Orange County Emergency Management

In an effort to ensure safety, Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs, in her official capacity as Director of Emergency Management, which includes unincorporated and incorporated areas of Orange County, will issue a mandatory countywide curfew to be in effect from Sunday, September 10 at 7 p.m. through Monday, September 11 at 6 p.m. This curfew will not apply to emergency responders, employees at hospital and health care facilities and critical staff for businesses that provide essential commodities and services.

Additional updates include:


Apopka High School at capacity, Apopka Middle School added to shelter list

As of 9 a.m. Saturday morning, Orange County opened shelters for the general population, including pet-friendly shelters. Currently, Orange County has a total of 19 shelters open. New shelters that have opened today include Union Park Middle School, Conway Middle School and Apopka Middle School. Apopka High School and Colonial High School shelters are at capacity. Barnett Park is at 80 percent capacity.

As of 8 p.m. Saturday, there have been 2,289 individuals checked in at our Orange County shelters.

LYNX is offering free transportation to any Orange County shelter. For questions, contact GoLynx.com or call LYNX’s customer service line at 407-841-5969.

A list of those shelters with information on what to bring to the shelters can be found at ocfl.net/Shelters or call 311.


The primary threat of the storm is wind, which is why Orange County residents in mobile homes are under a mandatory evacuation and should seek safe shelter.

Since Friday, Orange County Fire Rescue has had teams going door-to door with informational fliers to mobile home parks to inform them that there is a mandatory evacuation. Fire Rescue has already contacted 4,936 mobile homes as of 2 p.m. today. There has been a 100 percent saturation on the east side and Fire Rescue is continuing outreach on the west side. They will continue door-to-door outreach from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. tomorrow.

Orange County Fire Rescue is also sending out an emergency alert text message to those residents.

For official Orange County emergency information, please visit www.ocfl.net/Irma.



  1. We just got back from have breakfast at the Apopka Waffle House. We didn’t know that when we got there they had a VERY limited menu. All they had were burgers and hash browns, grilled cheese, sausage patties, and that was it. No eggs, no grits, nothing else. I ordered a grilled cheese and hash browns and my husband ordered a burger and hash browns. The waitress did not tell us that they did not have anything to go on the burger. No onions, no tomato, no lettuce, no pickles…..just ketchup and mayo. Didn’t even have the regular menu just a sheet of paper. I think they should have at least informed us before we ordered the burger that it would be plain. I just bet if we had drove to Altamonte they would have had a full menu, and I could of gotten what I wanted, a steak and fries with a Diet Coke and my husband could have gotten scrambled eggs, toast, and grits that he likes…….only in Apopka! Then it was the usual nightmare of getting out of there with no back exit and cars pulling in while others trying to get out! Only in Apopka!!!!

    • I believe that this is NOT a 5 star hotel. You should be thankful to them that atleast you get something to eat rather than complaining. Remember that this is a shelter and NOT ur house. Be mature guys.

    • Are you kidding me lady? Be glad you got food and a drink. There are millions suffering without the basic necessities and you are whining because there were no topping for your burger?? Get a life!

  2. Have you noticed people in general are so much nicer since the hurricane if coming than normal??? Everyone except me, that is….LOL What is going on???? Do they think this is going to save their souls, this last minute goodwill toward men, because of the impending hurricane? LOL……right………

  3. One hurricane shelter as reported on tv has 80 dogs, 30 cats, a few caged birds, and one hamster. LOL They better hope the hamster doesn’t get loose, as that is when the real hurricane party will start! I have been there done that….hell has no fury like a little wayward hamster loose in your home, or hurricane shelter. Remember that scene from Big Bang when Leonard picked up a upholstered chair from the side of the street thrown away, and takes it home, and then later they show Penny and Amy have the chair at Penny’s place, and a creature runs up and down in it inside the upholstery, around in the back of the chair, and they go screaming and run away…..that will be the hamster in the hurricane shelter…LOL!

  4. The Pasco County Sheriff’s office if reporting that people have plans to shoot Irma….that is right, just what I said, to shoot Irma! Some young guy, just bored, started the whole thing, and posted on social media to take out your guns, aim for the sky, and shoot evil Irma! Some have plans to shoot her right in the eye….LOL! Florida-duh. Here we go again………this from the Daily Beast. The sheriffs are taking it seriously, and are telling people not to be shooting in the sky to try to kill Irma………50,000 or so have pledged to shoot Irma.

  5. Pasco sheriff’s office issued a warning NOT to shoot guns in the air to shoot Irma, as there could be dangerous side effects from doing so. Plans are for shooting Irma at 10:00 am today, so beware, you never know about the Flori-duh- minded people, and what they are capable of….LOL

  6. It will not be too long now before it gets here to Apopka. I really don’t know what to expect. I just hope the winds are not too high, because I am certain there are going to be some trees fall here in my yard, and if they do, I can expect them to fall on something, either the house or the truck. I am fearful. I wish I could wish it away, out into the gulf, or to die down to nothing…..something. I pray we all will survive, and that we don’t have any major damage, that will be costly, or cost us our homes. It is hard to determine just what is in store for us. I wish you all the best, and take care and stay safe! Look out for your precious little kids and the pets, and for anyone who is all alone, and doesn’t have anyone. God bless you all throughout this stressful ordeal…………

  7. 4 tornado warnings this morning….latest in Brevard County near Melbourne. We don’t want any tornado here in Apopka…NO NO NO…..!!! Rotation also in Palm Bay on radar.

  8. Badly damaged. Aluminum siding everywhere. Power lines down on the mobile home. Roof off on one of the mobile homes. Lines down on the yards. A ripped door laying out in a yard. Firefighters trying to determine if anyone is left in the mobile homes. A power pole is leaning. Gutters down. This all BEFORE the actual hurricane! From the spinoff tornadoes…..we will not know until this hurricane passes if we did the right thing by staying put, and by not leaving and evacuating…..it is going to get rough at some point soon! The nighttime will be scary. Firefighters have discovered some people were in the mobile homes during the tornado and they are alright.

  9. They have made an arrest in the case of the missing realtor lady that was missing from around Houston, Texas. Some thought that she was swept away in the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey and had drowned, but the sheriff insisted that was not the case. She was a recent divorcee and also had a fiancée’. The fiancée’ blamed the ex-husband for her disappearance, and the ex- husband blamed her fiancee’. Now an arrest has been made, and it is allegedly her ex- husband who murdered her, as her body was found in a wooded area. Her expensive car was found at a motel parking lot. She was traveling to her ex-husband’s place to see her two young kids. She was a young beautiful 34 year old lady. Her murder could have been easily overlooked and blamed on the hurricane disaster of the flash flooding.

  10. I got up too early today. This day is just dragging along. This waiting for this storm is getting to me. I would go lay down, but I am not sleepy. I can’t find my camera that I make pictures with. I have looked everywhere in the house. I don’t know why I can’t ever find things when I need them, in this house. I have made some pictures of things in my house, with my cell phone, but guess what? I don’t know how to send pictures over the phone. I’m not up on that sort of thing, and don’t really care. I guess if things get damaged here at our house, and we have to file an insurance claim, I will have to get help and learn how to send the photos to the insurance company. Or either go buy a camera to make photos of the damage to send. The before the storm pictures of my stuff is on my cell phone. I didn’t get around to making a written list of my stuff because I am lazy and thought I would wait and see. I could write it all down then, if I need to, that is if everything doesn’t blow away, and end up a mile down the road….LOL

  11. I find it shocking that Tampa has not had a direct hurricane hit since 1921, and it sits right there on the gulf. Unbelievable. Did you all see the story about the ocean get sucked out to sea, down at Long Island, in the Bahamas during this hurricane? The ocean was there one moment, and then it was gone. There is a video of it, and then the local people started combing the ocean floor to see what they could find. There were all kinds of items out there. I saw anchors, big conch shells, all kinds of things, I couldn’t tell what they were. I think I would have been a little afraid to walk way out there, but they were doing it. The experts claimed it had happened there once before, and gave some scientific explanation for the strange occurrence. I didn’t even know there was a Long Island in the Bahamas, I thought NY.

  12. Cell over Apopka right now, whatever that means! I hope that doesn’t mean tornado! Quick, turn on Channel 6 right now! For 6 more minutes, a warning…………

  13. I don’t know if I will be able to continue posting from my laptop as our power keeps going on and off. It is starting to get rough as far as the wind too. I thought the power was a goner several times. Soon it will be off for good probably. I just heard a loud boom and don’t know what it was…….


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