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Campaign season in Apopka has officially begun.

Kyle Becker, the Apopka Commissioner of Seat #4, has filed with the clerk’s office to run for his second term on the City Council this morning. Becker confirmed the filing with this emailed statement to The Apopka Voice:

“I am happy to announce my intent to run for a second term as Commissioner of Seat 4 for our great city of Apopka.  It has been an absolute privilege to serve our growing and diverse population over the past 4 years.  While there have been some great strides during that time, there is still much to do to ensure long term success for all

Kyle Becker – Apopka City Commissioner Seat #4 

Apopkans.  I look forward to continuing my service to this city through my responsiveness to resident concerns, independent and fact-based decisions, as well as the desire to make Apopka a destination for our residents just as much as for our visitors.”

In 2016, Becker defeated longtime Commissioner and Vice Mayor Bill Arrowsmith with 55% of the votes in the runoff election.

Becker is the first candidate to file with the city to run for Seat #4. Seat #3, currently held by Commissioner Doug Bankson, is also up for election in 2020, but neither Bankson nor any challengers have filed.

Election Day 2020 in Apopka is Tuesday, March 17th. If necessary, a runoff election would be held on Tuesday, April 14th.


  1. That is great news to hear! I am happy for you Kyle, and wish you the best on your re-election campaign for Seat 4, Apopka City Commissioner.

  2. Lorena, just wanted to wish you a very happy retirement from the COA. Wow, 19 years, that is impressive! I like your retirement “top hat” you wore today! You deserve to have some fun now, after all that hard work at the city. Take care, and best wishes for the future!


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