Apopka City Hall

Alice Nolan, the Seat #2 Apopka City Commissioner, has resigned from the City Council in a letter sent to the City of Apopka this afternoon.

In a brief statement, Nolan wrote:

“Good Afternoon,

It is with great sadness that I write this Resignation Letter. Due to circumstances beyond my control I am unable to continue my obligations as City Commissioner of Apopka effective end of day of August 4, 2020. It has been an honor and a learning experience working with everyone at the city.  I ask kindly that you will continue the work we as a commission have started on affordable housing, all inclusive playgrounds and to consider districting and term limits.

Apopka City Commissioner Alice Nolan

Thank You,

Alice Nolan/Apopka City Commissioner Seat 2″

Nolan, 31, received 1,702 votes (58.95%) in a runoff-election to defeat then-incumbent Diane Velazquez in 2018 for Seat #2, after running unsuccessfully for Seat #3 in 2014. Nolan missed several City Council meetings before announcing she was diagnosed with cancer.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated as more details are known.


  1. Since she has missed the majority of the city council meetings, so the “beyond my control” issues have been going on for a while now. She asked the residents of Apopka to believe in and support her and they did. She did not live up to the hype she outlined in her campaign and she has left the residents hanging……. what a disappointment.

  2. I guess I was more confused than anyone, when Commissioner Nolan voted against our zoning change, when we attended a city hall meeting, that affected my husband’s property. She was the only no vote on the city council, as the others voted for it, and the planning commission had all gave it their approval. She didn’t even state why she voted no, against the zoning change…I was confused and angry, but I got over it soon enough, her vote didn’t matter anyway, due to other reasons, and the pandemic. Probably saved us a lot of tax money. Oh well. I do wish Alice the best in her cancer battle, and I mean that sincerely. Stay strong Alice, and good luck on whatever you do in the future.

  3. Reggie, if you want any suggestions on who I would nominate for the empty seat, just say so. I know someone that would be great on the council, if it is an appointment position, until an election is held.

  4. So I see in the Apopka Chief today’s newspaper that there will be a special election on Nov. 3, 2020, for a new COA commissioner. What about the seat being empty until then? Guess it will be like that empty chair Clint Eastwood displayed….LOL Come one, come all, apply soon, and your name will be on the ballot with the POTUS candidates, maybe even with Kanye West….LOL I am l looking forward with happy anticipation for a new City of Apopka Commissioner to fill Alice’s former seat!


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