Apopka runs past Seminole; Wekiva tramples Lake Mary

The difference a year can make.

This time last season, it was black Friday when both the Apopka Blue Darters and the Wekiva Mustangs were shocked in the first round of the 2016 playoffs.

But in 2017, there were no surprises.

Apopka traveled to Sanford and rolled past the Seminoles 54-21, while Wekiva opened its playoff campaign with an impressive 51-0 victory over the Lake Mary Rams. With the wins, both teams advance to the regional semifinals next Friday.

Blue Darters roll past Seminoles 54-21

The Apopka Blue Darters used a balanced rushing attack that went over 400 yards and featured two 75-yard touchdown runs to roll the Seminoles 54-21. Jecoryan Davis Hamilton led the way with 203 rushing yards and three touchdowns. Three players (Davis-Hamilton, Cornelius Williams, and Akeem Brown) rushed for over 100 yards, and four different players scored touchdowns on the ground.

The Seminoles took the early lead when freshman quarterback Timmy McClain hit junior receiver Juri Sabb on a 50-yard touchdown pass with 6:48 left in the first quarter. The extra point was good and the Seminoles led 7-0.

The Blue Darters answered immediately when running back Cornelius William raced 75 yards through Seminole defenders and scored on an electrifying touchdown run. Titus Vandiver’s extra point made it 7-7.

Then after a Seminole fumble, the Blue Darters  Jalen Carter scored on a one-yard run to take the lead 14-7 after the extra point by Vandiver.

Midway through the second quarter, the Seminoles responded when McClain hit sophomore receiver Zion Jackson to tie the game at 14-14.

The Blue Darters again answered just before halftime with a seven-play drive that ended on an Akeem Brown touchdown run and took the lead 21-14 after the Vandiver kick.

In the third quarter, sophomore Jecoryan Davis-Hamilton scored on a 12-yard touchdown run to double the Blue Darter lead to 28-14 with 5:38 left in the third quarter, but the Seminoles marched the length of the field and scored on a 1-yard run to cut the lead to 28-21 with 2:42 remaining in the third quarter.

They would never get closer.

On the very next play, Apopka shocked the Seminoles when Davis-Hamilton went around left tackle and exploded for another 75-yard touchdown run to give Apopka a 34-21 lead after a missed extra point.

The Blue Darters blew the game open in the fourth quarter when Hamilton scored again, this time from 20 yards out, and Apopka took a 40-21 lead when the extra point was blocked.

Two defensive touchdowns rounded out the scoring for Apopka, and the win improved its record to 8-3. The win gives the Blue Darters a berth into the regional semifinals against undefeated and #1 ranked Winter Park (11-0) after the Wildcats defeated Spruce Creek 42-14 in its opening playoff game. Kickoff is at 7:30 at Winter Park.

Wekiva blanks Lake Mary 51-0

It was the Brandon Williams show, and it was no contest.

The Mustang quarterback ran for 144 yards and three touchdowns while throwing for 148 yards and one touchdown pass as the Mustangs trampled the Rams 51-0.

Wekiva employed a strangling defense that didn’t allow Lake Mary to get within 40 yards of the end zone in the first half, while the Mustangs scored touchdowns on its first four possessions.

Wekiva took its opening drive 26 yards in three plays when Williams fought through the Rams defense for a 3-yard touchdown run to give Wekiva a 7-0 lead with 10:25 remaining in the first quarter. Four minutes later, Wekiva went 57 yards on six plays and scored on a Williams 12-yard keeper to extend the Mustangs lead to 14-0. Then on its third possession, the Mustangs went 86 yards on nine plays and scored on Williams two-yard touchdown run following a 50-yard keeper. Wekiva took the lead 21-0.

Midway through the second quarter, Williams hit senior Miles Anderson on a 10-yard touchdown pass to extend its lead to 28-0.

Things didn’t get better for the Rams in the second half as Wekiva’s Jarvis Ware took the second half kickoff 90 yards for a touchdown to extend the lead to 38-0.

The victory sets up a regional semifinal matchup next Friday against the Boone Braves, who beat Flagler Palm Coast 38-13. Kickoff is at 7:30 PM at Wekiva High School.


  1. Happy Veteran’s Day today to each and every one of our veterans. Thank you for your service and dedication to our country. God bless you all, and the USA!

  2. Just got back from the Fall Festival at KLNP. I made some cell phone photos there of the brightly lit neon- colored carnival rides. I love to watch the kids having fun on the rides, and it brings back great memories of when I used to love to go to the Central Florida Fair in Orlando and ride, ride, ride, and scream, scream, scream….!!! I pass on those carnival rides now days. So many vendors had fried Oreos, fried Reese Cups, fried pickles, fried Twinkees, fried you-name-it. I thought I was in Texas, there were so many fried you-name-its….LOL Then I had to leave, as the nighttime air started bothering my toothache, that I am going to have to go see a dentist about. I had to pop open the Orajel tube, as soon as I got back home. This tooth is not filled, but I even have some teeth, that have already been filled, that hurt. It is ridiculous. This one tooth is the worst, and I will have to do something about it. The pits! Maybe it is too many sweets over the years, or maybe it is being raised in places that had well water, or no fluoride in the water systems. I am surprised that issue hasn’t been raised again at the COA, as it used to come up at the old city council meetings of years ago often. They had one doctor that would show up at the city council meetings, and he was firmly against adding fluoride to the city water system, as he claimed it weaken people’s bones, long term. So we have a choice, weakened bones or cavities. Of course, you can always use fluoride toothpaste, but it didn’t help my teeth, apparently. Go figure…..

  3. I slept in really late this morning, and was enjoying my ZZZZZZZZs. I rarely sleep in late, usually up so early. The way the time has changed, it seems like the night time goes on forever.

  4. Here is something else that is annoying me beside my toothache…..whenever I plan to go to get any medical imaging test, I always call my insurance, so I will know what co-pay I can expect. So when I had a mammogram once, I called ahead, and they assured me it was covered 100%. When I got there, at the medical imaging place, they said I owed a $ 15.00 co-pay, which is a bargain, but it was not what I was told by the insurance company employee over the phone, who looked it up for me. So I said that I would go ahead and pay, but someone will owe me a refund, and I thought it was the medical imaging place just over collecting. Well, that was a couple of years ago. I never got a refund. So I called again last year and was told the same….no co-payment, it is covered 100% by my insurance. However it was the same story when I went in, and they said I have to pay a $15.00 co-pay. So this time I insisted on talking to insurance company, over the speaker phone, as the desk employee at the imaging center listened on, after he called the provider service number, and over the speaker phone I heard them say a $15.00 co-pay. So why are they telling me no- copay, that it is covered 100%, but when I get to the medical center, it is a different story??? This was two different insurance employees at two different times, different years. Anybody else have this happen? I am not naming names of companies, but just wondering, if anyone else goes through this ordeal? The reason I call ahead to inquire about the co-pays is because I don’t like surprises, and like to know that I will have enough money on hand when I go.

  5. Also I called the insurance when my husband was going to have some tests done, and I inquired about whether everything was in-network or out-of-network, and whether he would need a pre-approval, and I was told that it was all in-network, and approved. However when he got the bill much later, it was a lot of money, and later we found out why…..it was because it was out of network! This is the truth. I am wondering if other people have had this happen, regardless of what insurance company you have, as I am not naming company names. I am otherwise happy with the insurance, but when it comes to getting correct info over the phone, I cannot rely on what their employees tell me.

  6. You might be wondering why I bring this stuff up. Well, it all came back to me, and made me annoyed once again, because this time, not too long ago, I had another imaging test done, and paid the co-pay, and guess what? Here came a check in the mail back to me, and said that it was a refund. I thought well great, they finally must have gotten it right. I deposited the check into our account, and forgot about it. Well I want you to know that I got a call from the medical imaging center, and the lady left me a voice message, that the check had bounced, they were sorry, and they were going to send me another check, plus twenty dollars to cover the bank fee, that the bank charges for non-sufficient funds deposited. I couldn’t believe that a very large medical imaging center would bounce a check written to their customers! This place who shall go unnamed, has volumes and volumes of people passing through there daily. Then I got a letter from the bank, that the check bounced and to adjust my account accordingly. Just ridiculous. I don’t know how the medical imaging center came up with the fee the bank charged, as all banks don’t charge the same fees??? So I am looking for the next check to come in the mail…..LOL wondering about if it will bounce too. So ridiculous.

  7. I have been reading about and watching the undercover video of the abuse of the dairy cows at a dairy farm in Okeechobee, Florida. It is sickening! The workers punched the cows in the face, hit them with rebar iron rods, kicked them, and rammed rebar into their udders at the milking machines. One even took the cow’s tail and doubled it over like trying to break it. Plus the cow’s tail had been docked, meaning over half of it had been cut off. They do that at some dairies. I hope God has a special place set aside in hell for those no-good, sorry bas****s! Too bad I am not the judge! If you watch the video, just listen to the sheriff call the workers, “gentlemen”…….sick!

  8. Saw on Apopka Critic that the other Mayor Land statue has been set up in the KLNP. We went by there and looked at it, and got a photo or two. The shoes look almost real. Mayor Land’s hair also looks great, and the suit also. The artist signed the back of his suit and put the year. The bench also looks nice, plus the plaque too. Very nice.

  9. Okay the garbage truck came at dark and got our garbage. They may be late tomorrow because they can’t get to the dump tonight to empty the load, at least I don’t think so…..


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