coffee with a cop

Apopka City Commissioner Alexander H. Smith is on a mission.

At the May 16th City Council meeting, Smith, a commissioner for less than two months, made a proposal that seemed to resonate with the entire Council.

Former Apopka City Commissioner and Vice Mayor Bill Arrowsmith.

“I would like to propose that the City Council take steps to name a street after former Commissioner Bill Arrowsmith and after former Commissioner Billy Dean,” Smith said.

Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson was in agreement.

 “Let’s find out the process from the county. I know it’s an arduous one,” he said. “And I’m fully in support of your thoughts and I think appropriately so. I think we just need to get the wheels started. Can someone reach out to them (Arrowsmith and Dean)?”

 “I know Commissioner Dean would like to have Central Avenue changed to Billy Dean Avenue and Commissioner Arrowsmith hasn’t gotten back to me yet, said Smith.”

 “Okay, let’s put that in motion,” said Nelson.

Smith apparently took Nelson’s request to heart.

 “I brought it up last week and there was a consensus on this council that we rename the road after Commissioner Arrowsmith and Commissioner Dean,” said Smith, at yesterday’s City Council meeting during the City Commission Reports portion. “Commissioner Arrowsmith would like First Street and Central Avenue for Mr. Dean.”

 “So you’re working this one hard,” joked Nelson.

 “Yes sir,” said Smith.

 “Okay, so now we have a direction,” said Nelson. “We will move forward and try to make that happen.”


  1. All well and good, but had anyone thought of the costs involved, New maps , New telephone books, New address changes to be made to state and national, better to name New streets after them, in New Errol, or any new development, less cost less hassle.

  2. The cost and trouble to the persons who live on these streets is not worth the trouble… if the city wants to spend some money I say they can start with fixing Central ave instead of renaming it. How much does it cost to change your address at the DMV on 2 cars and 2 driver licenses? I’m all against it!


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