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In an effort to prepare for the peak of hurricane season, Orange County Government is hosting a free self-serve sandbag program for residents at five Orange County Park locations starting July 16 through July 30, 2020.

The program is free and open to all Orange County residents. Households will receive free PPE at each location.


In Orange County, individuals who visit the park locations for the sandbag program will be required to wear a facial covering consistent with CDC guidelines and the county’s Executive Order. Orange County is requesting voluntary compliance to help keep all of the community safe and protected. Visit Orange County’s web page to read the full Executive Order.

Free Self Serve Sandbag ProgramPROGRAM DETAILS

  • All supplies will be provided (e.g., bags, tools, sand); filling tools will be available however; citizens are encouraged to bring their own shovel/spade to fill the sand bags.
  • Limit 10 sandbags per household.
  • A “how-to” instructional sheet will be provided with information on how to fill, store and dispose of sandbags.
  • Must present valid ID with Orange County address.
  • Sandbags available for filling on a first come, first serve basis.  Supplies are limited.


July 16 – 30, 2020 is when the Self-Serve Sandbag Program begins.

8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday – Sunday is when most sites will be open.



If residents have questions or need additional information, please call 3-1-1.

Visit Orange TV’s YouTube channel for a tutorial demonstration on how to use sandbags:

For more any questions, contact Orange County Public Works at 407-836-7900 or email Visit for additional information.


  1. We will go get some sand bags before the month runs out. I looked hard at the retention pond below AHS at Vick and Martin St. and I said that will never have much water in there, but I was wrong, because the water level was way up during some of the hurricanes, so I guess it is good to prepare for hurricanes now, just in case. I sure would hate to see a hurricane coming this way during this covid mess…OMG.

  2. We went and got sandbag this morning in Winter Garden. If you go, there is a detour off of Fullers Cross Rd. because part of West Crown Point Rd. Is closed, and they are doing work there. The best way is go toward Winter Garden like you are going to the old Starlite drive- in-movie, which is heading toward downtown WG. Right past were the old drive-in was at the red-light, on Plant St. turn left on West Crown Point Rd. at the intersection. Go just a little ways down and the sand bagging area is behind the recreational complex.
    You must first park in the front and two county employees check you in, and see that you live in Orange County, then they give you 10 sand bags to fill plus they give you a whole box of 50 disposable masks, and two bottles of hand santitizer too. Very glad we went! Bring your own shovel.. They have a big scoop there, but as I soon learned, it was more for holding open the bags while someone else shoveled the sand in. It is a sand and clay combo, that I might mix with peat for use with my flowers, maybe a bag or two. I have priced those boxes of masks in the stores at 25 for 17.99 and they gave us a box of 50 free! Good deal county! Mayor Nelson gave me a pack of 10 disposable masks back at the antibody testing at the VFW in May…….

  3. I would encourage you to go fill up sandbags, as there is a big disturbance off the coast of Africa that has formed and heading this way, so you never know what the future holds when it comes to hurricanes and storms in Florida.


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