Decision Apopka 2020

By Reggie Connell/Managing Editor of The Apopka Voice

It’s six days and counting before Apopka’s Election Day. This is a time that prudent candidates go on a spending spree to get their closing message out to the electorate. It makes no sense to leave money in a campaign account and then lose an election by only a few votes. 

In general, campaigns are designed, win or lose, to be out of money the day after an election. There is no interest to yield in a campaign account, only votes.

Seat #3 Commissioner Doug Bankson

And so far the two incumbents up for re-election are leading the way in both fundraising and cash on hand, according to their G2 campaign finance reports turned in on March 6th.

Doug Bankson, the Seat #3 city commissioner, has raised a total of $25,644, with $1,395 of that coming in February. He currently has spent $17,691.68 which leaves him with $7,952.32. Bankson leads all Apopka candidates in total fundraising and cash on hand.

Seat #3 challenger Leroy Bell

His challenger Leroy Bell raised $1,845, with $270 coming in February. Bell has spent $1,279.62, leaving him with $565.38 for the stretch run.

Seat #4 Commissioner    Kyle Becker

Kyle Becker, the Seat #4 city commissioner, has raised a total of $13,019. He led all candidates in February fundraising with $1,450. Becker spent a total of $6,428, which leaves him with $6,591.

Becker’s challenger, Lorena Potter, raised $7,675.17, with $1,350 in February. Potter has spent $6,829.61 on her campaign, leaving her with $845.56 to finish the election cycle.

Seat #4 challenger Lorena Potter

All the candidates were contacted for comment, and Potter responded as follows: “I have been running a grassroots campaign and have focused on canvassing neighborhoods and listening to the resident’s concerns, rather than fundraising. I am thankful for all of the support and encouragement that I have received and it is humbling to have people donate because they believe in my candidacy. If I have campaign funds left at the conclusion of the election, I will give back to the Apopka community by making a donation to a local charity.”

Election Day in Apopka is this Tuesday, March 17th.


  1. I want to know as a city resident and voter, why there is such red tape involved in getting any projects passed before the city council! I know one developer complained before the city council about the” slow- as- molasses” process, and the length of time it takes to get it done. This person has invested so much into this community, he should be given an award! He was given assurances that the process would be speeded up. I have to wonder though……I am an unhappy camper, and I am at wits end. I also am tired of the old gadfly that complains before the city council about various projects, and while he has the right to speak out, he is really mad because of his own subdivision’s golf course is shuttered and he can’t go knock around some balls. He should be ashamed of taking out his frustration on everybody else! Maybe someone from the Apopka Chamber of Commerce should run in the future, for the city council seats, someone that understands business, and all that it takes to be successful in the city, from the beginning to completion. All I know is that I am an unhappy camper, and frustrated, and I truly don’t trust anyone in the city council chamber. You all are costing developers, property owners, BIG TIME, and Apopka citizens the right to go to new businesses, and their enjoyment. This is why so many in the COA complain about having to go to neighboring cities like WG, WP, Altamonte Springs, to dine, shop, etc. What is the problem???

  2. Oh, but the Advent Health seems to get things approved pronto! I have been reading about all the monies and things they are putting toward “branding” their logos all around Apopka. Big money, and where do they get that money? I will tell you. The absolutely huge bills they bill to the patients that have to go there for treatment. My husband had the misfortune of getting sick not long ago, and was taken to the ER, at the new hospital, and was there only 4 hours, and got a bill where they billed 12,075.00 dollars. OMG, when I read it, I thought it was 1275.00, and then I looked again! Luckily, he has Medicare, and a Medi Gap insurance policy, but if it were myself, with absolutely no health insurance, I would be sunk! With this Corona virus going around, I worry constantly. Yet the hospital bills these bills and then donates to “branding” their logos all around. I think it is outrageous! Before at the hospital, the old one, not the new one, my husband was in ER and then released the next day, but never admitted, and we went about a week later to the billing office, and I almost died of shock. His bill was over 32,000 dollars, and he had private insurance at the time, and he owed 20 percent of that bill, and I know we are still paying credit cards to pay that off. By the way, city council, that new Advent Health Building on 441 is way too close to the road! How did that get approved?

  3. I thought I was supposed to vote at the VFW, but I see my voting place is the Word of Life Church. I wonder what kind of lines there will be, but I don’t care, I don’t vote early…..Maybe the GOPs will concoct a shutting down of the voting polls due to Corona Virus, especially in a Democrat leaning area….lol, would not surprise me at all, with their voter suppression!

  4. I opened the newspaper today and was shocked to see that Steve Rogers, a former City of Apopka employee, that worked with my husband when he was there, has passed away. Steve was a great guy, and at the time he was there at the city, talked about running for mayor of Apopka against his then boss, Mayor Land! The word got around, and he was promptly booted out of his job. He did however go on to running for a city council seat in Apopka, but lost to someone else, but I can’t remember who was the winner of the seat at that time, as it was a long time ago. He did find his niche in real estate. My husband and I saw Steve and Jocelyn years later, at the Burger King in Hunt Club, and we enjoyed talking to them. I am in shock, as I was born the same year as Steve, same age. RIP Steve, and God bless your loved ones. It is shocking to see deaths of people you knew, and cared about.


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