Arrest Report teacher

The Apopka Police Department announced today that Alyson Nicole London, age 44, was arrested and charged under the following violations of Florida Statutes;

  • Solicitation to Commit Sexual Battery
  • Failing to Report Child Sexual Abuse as a Mandatory Reporter
  • Attempted Interference with Custody
  • Unlawful Use of a Two-Way Communication Device
  • Transmission of Material Harmful to Minors
  • Contributing to the Delinquency or Dependency of a Minor

The Apopka Police Department states that the charges were developed after a thorough investigation, based on a complaint through the Department of Children and Families.

London has been transported to the Orange County jail for processing.

According to police reports and the Orange County Public School website, London is a Physical Education teacher at Apopka Memorial Middle School.

This is a developing story.  The Apopka Voice will update the story as details become available.



  1. God forbid you try to help students with their problems. The county/state should provide workshops regarding appropriate handling of emotionally challenged students. As an educator in the same system, I can tell you that we have no real training for this and have to handle these situations based on intuition. Certainly this situation would have been handled more appropriately had resources and training been provided by administration. All you need to teach is a degree in the field; we do not receive training to be guidance counselors – even though our students see us that way.

  2. No, I disagree with you. As an administrator you are obligated to report these incidents of abuse to the authorities who ARE in fact trained to handle situations like this. Obviously, this p.e. teacher was not trying to help her. This investigation has been going on since last year so they had to have enough sufficient evidence to charge this woman. The mother is the one that had intuition that something inappropriate was going on. And shame on this teacher for not at least reporting the abuse this girl was facing at home. At least they could have done an investigation on whoever she was accusing of abusing her.

    To the other person that asked if a 13-14 year old minor is going to be charged?????? One can only assume she was in the 8th grade last year. She is now at the High School. She was and still is under age? So please tell me what she should be charged for with/for in your opinion???!!

  3. I agree, Ms. London should have reported the alleged abuse. However, she very likely knew the student’s stories were untrue. In this case, she would have been focusing more on helping this troubled young lady navigate her emotionally tumultuous middle-school years. The teacher should have referred the student for help with the school psychologist – she may have, we don’t know – no one can make a student receive counseling against their will. I’m sure this is far more complicated than what we know from this article. Moreover, people are charged with crimes and falsely accused all the time. The extensive list of charges (22 counts on the Orange County website) seems like an excessive over-reach on the part of the investigators – throw in every charge imaginable and something will stick. The student has admitted that she spun a deceitful web to gain emotional support (love, even) from Ms. London.

    Perhaps the other commentator was alluding to the student’s willful and deceitful emotional engagement of Ms. London. The student appears to lack appropriate social and cultural behaviors, as well as severe self-esteem issues (wanting someone to believe she had an amazing life). Clearly the student’s complex made-up life, her continual, fanciful lies suggest an underlying emotional disturbance for which she certainly needs extensive therapy.

    In my educated and experienced opinion, Ms. London failed to establish proper boundaries; she was too emotionally engaged with this disturbed student; too self-reliant in her efforts to provide emotional and academic support for this student; she should have (and perhaps did) seek behavioral intervention from administration and/or counselors. However, these things do not warrant criminal charges. If anything, the school board should provide Ms. London with counseling and training. She should learn how to meet student’s emotional needs without engaging them with her own; how to avoid inappropriate personal relationships with students. She needs a support system so that administrators, teachers, and counselors can work together to help students with severe emotional issues such as the one in this case.

    In the end, the student’s lies are the source of the entire situation.

  4. I personally know this family very well. Our husbands coached together and our sons played baseball together. I’m sure there is much more to the story that we all don’t know and the media always seem to make things out to be much more than what they are. I’m not saying she is innocent but I am saying that this family has played a huge part in our community, helping other children out and I just can’t believe that Alyson was doing anything other than trying to be a mentor to this child. I just pray for all involved.

  5. Unfortunately you always have to look out for your own self especially educators. Being an troubled teen myself. I was a child when the authorities were involved in my case. Teachers started the ball rolling but no teacher jeopardize themselves in the meantime. I thank god they were there to help me. It is always sad what can happen to those whom try to help. I have made many mistakes as an adult and it is a hard call. Like I said you have to be cold sometimes to protect yourself. I do not believe Alyson did anything malice or intentionally wrong. She made a bad choice and it is too bad it will cost her a lot. I will not judge her I do know her. It is none of my business and I will not ask. If they want to talk I will listen but not my place to judge or pass judgement, that would be god’s.


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