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By Greg Jackson

 Just the other day, I woke up to an awesome revelation: Everything in Apopka is coming up roses (no inherent pun intended). By that I mean there are no issues in the City of Apopka and all residents’ hearts and minds are clear. You may be wondering how it is that I came to this conclusion; well let me tell you. Over the past several months, I have diligently written about issues in the City thinking that I was identifying matters of importance to Apopka citizens. Things such as the lack of economic development, lack of resources, housing issues, the prevalence of crime concentrated to a certain area of the City, etc., all of these things I thought were important to at least a few Apopkans. I surmised that if anything I mentioned was even slightly true or of concern, someone, anyone in the areas affected would have stood up by now and called for action to be taken. To storm City Hall and declare: I am madder than heck and I won’t take it anymore, just like that guy did in that movie from years past.

But, I am happy to report that there has been no such uprising, no storming of City Hall and not a single peep from anyone for that matter. Residents, for the most part, have been as quiet as that proverbial church mouse, proving that there are no issues in Apopka worth fighting for. Rundown homes in your community, not a problem. Abandoned buildings lining your streets, not a problem. Funds diverted from your area to cover a parking lot; who could ask for anything more! The fact that community “leaders” are quiet, church leaders are quiet and political candidates are quiet as it relates to these matters is a further indication to me that the streets of Apopka are apparently paved in gold. And therefore, who I am I to challenge this utopia?

I figure my eyes deceived me by seeing things a bit differently. My experiences from traveling the World kept me from appreciating all the greatness around Apopka. The fire that burns in my belly to fight for others may have kicked up a bit too high and caused me to make something out of nothing; and for that, I am truly apologetic. In full disclosure, I have always had this fighting spirit about me, which I developed as a young man on the highest of seven hills in the capital of our great state. I carried that fighting spirit with me to law school where I realized that the practice of law is the vehicle through which injustices have been identified and corrected, and once realized I always wanted to drive the vehicle, so to speak. But back to the here-and-now, all this time I thought I was taking up the fight for those who could not speak for themselves, however, I have come to realize that no one is speaking up because there are no issues to speak up about in Apopka. Either it is that, or complacency has robbed the people of their fighting spirit. No matter the reason, I accept that all is well in Apopka – in my humble opinion.

Greg Jackson


Greg Jackson is a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Florida, a military veteran, current Orange County District 2 Representative on the Board of Zoning Adjustments, and General Counsel for the Community Redevelopment Agency. He has been as an active member of the Central Florida community for nearly 20 years. He was most recently a candidate for the Florida House District 45 seat.



  1. Greg, residents did storm City Hall…….SOS (Save Our Sandpiper), save our century old oak trees, and wildlife, the very disliked parking ordinance, and the hardship it created on some residents, the sport field fee fiasco, the red-light camera issue, and many, many more. However, we have a council that doesn’t listen to the residents, and their concerns, they just sit there on their imagined thrones wallowing around in their exaggerated self- importance, trying to impress someone who doesn’t know the score, or impose their views onto everyone else regardless of what the citizens want through their votes. If you stand up there before the council with a concern that could be worked out, they will say, ” we will go ahead and pass this now, and we will address it at a later time if there is a problem”……hearing, but not truly listening, just going through the motions. Post on social media and they will see it as it is apparent they troll the social media, but appear before the council to speak, the proper forum to address issues, and you will be dissed, and ignored, possibly even be disrespected…..the truth hurts.

  2. Lol. If you have been to a Council Meeting and see how they look at citizens with blank faces and pass things that most in the room argue against, I don’t blame people having other issues to take care of in their life. Life is tough enough already. They never even took citizen opinions on the whole Anderson ordeal. The people that at least SHOWED up were not in favor of their opinion.

  3. The traffic signal light is not working correctly at Martin and Park Av. coming from Apopka High School. I know the city workers have been there several times adjusting things this week, but it is a mess right now. I don’t know if the lightning threw it off or what, but it is almost nine minutes before the light changes, and then when it changes only about three cars at the most get through the light and it changes back again with a very long wait time. My husband just got back from there and he said that cars were laying down on their horns and other cars were turning around, and this is with hardly any traffic on Park Av. Do yourself a favor and avoid that intersection all together or have a brown bag lunch with you.

  4. Kudos to you sir for an article well written. I would like to believe that when people have their feet held to the flames they will realize that something has to be done, but…

  5. This latest guy Trump hired as communication director, I will call him, Scary Moosey, hahahaha…….seriously, is Trump going to trust him after his previous slams against Trump????? I don’t think so…..the White House is getting emptied out and it is going to be a very lonely place. I think Trump hired Scary Moosey where he could fire him to get him back. All those interviews, and comments Scary Moosey deleted, where he slammed Trump, and that was just “fake news”, and now he justs loves everybody, especially Trump and Spicer…..hahahahaha.

  6. Well Mama Mia, in 1789 there were less than 30,000 constituents for each representative in the house of representatives. Today each delegate represents roughly 700,000 Somehow, to my way of thinking that is a tad lopsided. There is no way the government is, “we the people, by the people, for the people, nor has it ever been. A very wise turtle friend of mine, Garloo by name, has said, “It seems t’ me that when it comes to thinking most folks would rather not.” What he meant by that is most people are content to let the powers that be do their thinking for them, a practice that always leads to disaster. Another thing that Garloo said is, “It seems to me, and I expect you’ll agree; frogs eat flies and snakes eat frogs and hogs eat snakes and politicians eat hogs. It don’t somehow seem proper t’ me that nothing is eatin’ the politicians!”

  7. Thanks for your follow-up, Mr. Towne, and your turtle friend, Garloo’s insight about the food chain, and that “nothing is eatin’ politicians.” Tell your turtle friend, Garloo, not to worry because we are fast approaching the year 2022, the year from the movie, Soylent Green, where rations will be made to feed the hungry, for the millions of jobless and homeless who will be then be starving, and protesting in masses in the streets, and the earth will be ruined from greenhouse gas effects, climate change, and the oceans polluted, etc. and everything gone horrible from out- of- control bad decisions by our government’s politicians …….and just think, it all started in NYC! Coming soon……. Coincides with the Trump administration at the helm, how quaint and ironic, since the movie was made in the 1970’s. Gosh, I miss the old drive-in movies! Now maybe I understand one Apopka City Council candidate’s thoughts at one of the previous debates and his comments about recycling city employees and politicians……which at the time seemed to me, an odd thing to say……LOL, yes, recycle those worthless politicians, and make them a part of the food chain, and I know Garloo will feel better when you tell him the plan.

  8. Wow, Scary Moosey sure has a filty mouth on him! I won’t even go there with that crud he said, because this is too nice of a family- oriented publication, but go to the Daily Beast to read what he said in an interview to the New Yorker…….!!! All that ” love talk”, and his” loving” everybody, sure didn’t last for very long…….!!! Even talks about wanting to kill people! SCARY!!!

  9. Dear Mama Mia, I don’t expect Papa God is going to surrender control to foolish hooman folks and allow them to destroy His creation. Sure, the world is a mess but it just proves again that hoomans need to be more sensitive to other hoomans needs. Garloo


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