Kenny Kaiser, Apopka Police Department

From the Apopka Police Department

Corporal Kenny Kaiser retired after 39 years of combined military and law enforcement service. The Apopka Police Department (APD) held a celebration for him on Friday, July 31st.

“Corporal Kaiser served the Citizens of Apopka for twenty-two years. Every day he reported to work he was committed to protecting our community,” said Apopka Police Chief Michael McKinley. “He served a total of thirty six years as a police officer. This alone is a great accomplishment, however even in his retirement he will continue to serve the law enforcement community. Most people don’t know that in addition to serving the Citizens of Apopka, Corporal Kaiser has dedicated his life to teaching defensive tactics to law enforcement recruits at the Seminole State College Law Enforcement Academy and will continue to do so after retiring from the Apopka Police Department. As a result of his commitment to teaching these recruits, his influence in law enforcement goes well beyond the City of Apopka.  As Corporal Kaiser moves on to the next chapter in his life, I wish him the best and I know he will be successful in his future endeavors.”

Kaiser’s illustrious career, and the APD’s congratulations, was shared on their Facebook:

“Congratulations Corporal Kenny Kaiser on your retirement from the Apopka Police Department! This retirement marks Kaiser’s 39 years of total service and a lifetime of honor. First to his country and then to his city. He leaves behind a legacy of strong work ethic, commitment and courage. He has been a dedicated servant to the citizens of Apopka, Sanford, Seminole County, and this nation.

Chief Mike McKinley and Corporal Kenny Kaiser, Apopka Police Department

Kenny Kaiser was born in New York City, NY and was raised in the Bronx in 1964. During his childhood, he grew up playing baseball and boxing golden gloves.

He relocated to Winter Springs, Florida in 1979 and finished high school at Oviedo High in 1981. In 1981 immediately after graduating high school, Kenny joined the U.S. Navy and served active duty in the U.S. Navy until 1984. While serving in the U.S. Navy, he was stationed on the Aircraft Carrier (USS FORRESTAL CV-59) in the Sixth Fleet. He had the pleasure of making the U.S. Navy Boxing Team and was able to represent the U.S Navy fighting nationally and internationally. He remained in the U.S. Navy Reserve unit until 1987.

Kenny Kaiser, Seminole County SWAT

After his service in the U.S. Navy, he arrived back to Florida and began his Law Enforcement career. He attended the Police Academy in 1985 and was hired by Sanford Police Department while in the Academy. During his tenure with Sanford PD, he became a member of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team under the Multi-Agency Task Force, and was selected to work for the DEA Task Force, Orlando/Miami Division. He then served on the Sanford Drug Unit (VICE Squad), and shortly afterwards, became the first member of the Uniform Drug Unit known as the (QUAD SQUAD), “the Quick Uniform Attack Against Drugs.” In addition, he also became the first member of the Community Policing Unit for the Sanford Police Department.

While serving with the Sanford Police Department, he continued his hobbies with training in the Martial Arts. He became a professional kickboxer in 1996 and achieved many awards, such as two-time ISKA [International Sport Karate Association] and IKF [International Kickboxing Federation] Florida State Champion, ISKA and WKA [World Kickboxing Association] Southeast Champion, and ISKA International Champion.

Kenny Kaiser “Brick Breaking”

He also achieved three different black belts from three different disciplines, and achieved three ISKA championship belts for International breaking competitions (Brick Breaking). Kenny has had the pleasure of training with many infamous Boxers and Martial Artists who are known celebrities throughout his career. He is currently a Krav Maga instructor and represents Israel for Force on Force training for Law Enforcement Officers and civilian training.

In 1991, Kenny left the Sanford Police Department and joined the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office where he briefly worked for the Sheriff’s Office for one year and then returned to the Sanford Police Department in 1992. He continued to serve with the SCSO SWAT Team during transitions, and served with the Sanford Police Department until 1998.

In early 1996, Kenny was hired at Seminole State College as an Adjunct Instructor for Defensive Tactics after completing his Instructor’s Certification, where, after 25 years, he continues to teach as a Defensive Tactics Coordinator, Firearms Instructor, and Physical Fitness Instructor. During this time he was assigned to the Sanford Police Department Training Unit, and was teaching new Recruits at the Police Academy.

In 1998, after leaving the Sanford Police Department, he joined the Apopka Police Department (PD). While serving with the Apopka PD, Kenny became a member of the Apopka Special Response Team (SRT), which is now formally known as the Central Florida Metro Swat Team. He was also assigned to the Apopka PD Training Unit for Defensive Tactics in-service training. In the year 2004, he was selected to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Task Force for the Orlando/Miami Field Division and served on the DEA Task Force working as an Undercover Drug Agent until 2010.

Upon returning to the Apopka PD from the Task Force in 2010, Kenny was promoted to the rank of Corporal and assigned to the Patrol Squad, where he remained on the Patrol Division and Training Division for the remainder of his time, until his retirement in 2020.

Corporal Kenny Kaiser and his family

Kenny is currently married to his wife, Omaira Kaiser, and has four children (Nicholos, Brandon, Chad, and Michael) that he has raised to adulthood. He is also a proud grandfather to “the most beautiful and precious granddaughter ever”, Yasmary Kaiser. He intends to spend his retirement with his family, and hopefully continue to teach new Recruits and Law Enforcement Officers with Use of Force training.

Congratulations Kenny, and good luck on your future endeavors. You will be missed!”

And from The Apopka Voice, thank you Corporal Kaiser for your dedication, perseverance and service protecting us all in so many ongoing and impacting ways!


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