Receiving proposals from private companies

From the City of Apopka

The City of Apopka is proceeding today with emergency procurement efforts in accordance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency rules to speed up the removal of storm debris following Hurricane Irma.

Several private companies offered proposals to assist the city in collecting an estimated 250,000 cubic yards of damaged trees, limbs and other debris piled up along local streets. An agreement is being sought as soon as possible to begin that additional assistance in the most timely manner possible.

Meanwhile, city crews have collected tons of storm debris from homes and businesses since Hurricane Irma passed through this part of Florida on Sept. 11. The city also cleared trees and debris blocking more than 300 streets.

The city’s primary goals are to clean up debris as quickly as possible, to negotiate the lowest cost for private services and to meet all requirements for federal reimbursement of city funds.

Apopka is one of many government agencies across the state seeking companies to assist with debris removal – a huge demand created by widespread impacts of Hurricane Irma. The city had previously contracted with a debris removal company shared by Orange County, but the company reported on Wednesday that it would not be able to perform its services. City officials immediately initiated the process of seeking a new vendor.

Residents also may drop off storm debris at one of 11 Orange County sites including the Zellwood Maintenance Unit at 3500 Golden Gem Road.

An expected schedule for debris collection will be released once an agreement is reached.

Note – The featured photo is from the City’s Facebook page.


  1. We have been working ever since early this morning removing the debris from our street frontage, and we had the first one loaded in the pickup bed last night and ready to go. We have taken 5 pickup truck loads. Loading and unloading, and we are pooped out. More people there today getting rid of their debris. We don’t mind, if it helps out, and it makes me feel better not to see the reminder of the hurricane piled up.

  2. On one of the trips to unload the debris, we came by Poncan Road and Plymouth Sorrento Road intersection, and when we dumped, and came back along, there was a really bad auto wreck there, at that intersection. A small compact white car that looked totaled in the front and a full size older pickup truck. That was at 3:08 pm, so it just happened, ambulance had not yet got there. I saw two men standing along the road, and I guess it was those two, that was involved in the wreck, but don’t know.

  3. If you do go to 3500 Golden Gem Road off of Poncan Road, which is next to the Zellwood Corn Festival grounds, and next to the dump, be very careful there at Poncan and Plymouth Sorrento Road intersection as that is such a dangerous intersection, especially with all those dump trucks in and out next to the debris dumping area.

  4. Heard about the latest “depression” on the 429 that opened up. I wonder is that another sinkhole or did they not pack the roadway enough when building the road???

  5. A load of pumpkins on a big truck was in a wreck in Polk County and it wrecked and burnt the load of pumpkins up. Sure is some strange happenings going on.

  6. The Globe magazine headline at the top stated that Nostradamus predicted the hurricanes, and the North Korean missile crisis. I wanted to read it, but I am too cheap to pay the $ 4.99, and I didn’t get enough time in the grocery line to read it….LOL

  7. I like pumpkin bread which really is not bread at all, but more like pumpkin pound cake. It is made like banana bread but uses pumpkin instead.

  8. Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing….yum yum…..and I am not suppose to eat that stuff. My doctor told me to think of sweets as poison and picture a cross bones and skull in my mind… is not working!

  9. Do you think Publix will still want to build at Plymouth Sorrento Road and Kelly Park Road corner since they now know about the nearby sinkhole activity….will it affect Kelly Park Crossings and their plans to build a major development???

  10. I had one of my relatives call me to ask if we were okay because he had heard on tv about the sinkholes in Apopka and he is in another state. Wow, is Apopka famous, or what? In another state, and it was big news! I wasn’t trying to be funny when I told him, well around here you never know, it could be goodbye tomorrow, you never know, with the hurricanes, tornadoes, and sinkholes.

  11. I got to go get some beauty sleep and rest, I am tired. Sorry I put you all though more of my useless dribble. Remember, it is therapy on a budget.


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