Apopka City Hall

From the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce

With the 2018 City of Apopka elections just around the corner, the Apopka Area Chamber

Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson

of Commerce cordially invites you to a special debate between the candidates for Mayor of Apopka. This free debate would not be made possible without our sponsorship from BUSINESSFORCE, which is Central Florida’s largest regional political action committee.

Mayor Joe Kilsheimer

Please join us for a lively evening debate and meet the candidates who have qualified for this race including the current Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer and current Orange County Commissioner Bryan Nelson. Each attendee will have an opportunity to hear directly from the candidates, about the important issues and priorities that are facing the City of Apopka.

This special debate will be moderated by guests from Fox35 News, the Orlando Sentinel, and BusinessForce and we look forward to seeing each of you there!

Date & Time: Wednesday, January 31, 2018 from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Location: Highland Manor 604 East Main Street in Apopka



  1. I wanted to go to the debate with my husband. I clicked on the link above to RSVP. Now apparently, I have a ticket for one, and it states to let you know who is coming with me with Facebook doings. Okay, I do not have Facebook. I tried to do it over again by going to the link, to get another ticket for my husband. That did not work. Then I see about how to get a refund, and charges to Eventbrite, or something like that. This is too much BS. Why can’t people just come to the debate, without all this hogwash if it is free….??? It is not like Donald Trump is going to be there debating Oprah or something like that…good grief.

  2. Anybody keeping up with the Groveland City Council and the council voting the mayor out of office? That is something else! Honestly though, I myself, question if that is legal. It would seem to me, that the city attorney should forward something to the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott’s office, and that it would be more like his place, to remove the mayor, if indeed, he is felon, as they allege. I don’t know about this sort of thing, but that is what it would seem like, to me, to be more the governor’s duty, than the city council members ousting him out.

  3. Oh well, I can always read about the debate in the Apopka Chief Newspaper, if I can’t figure out the RSVP process with no facebook. I am not going by myself without my husband. Good grief.


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