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There are only 22 days until Apopka’s Election Day, which means it’s time to meet your candidates for City Commission. And what better way to get to know them than at a townhall debate?
 On Wednesday, February 28th, and Thursday, March 1st The Apopka Voice will host two City Commission Townhall debates at the Highland Manor from 6-8 PM. It’s the first debates in the news site’s history, and the first time all four candidates from Seat #1 and Seat #2 will meet together at the same event.

The Apopka Voice Townhall Debates

Dates: Wednesday, February 28th for Seat #1, and Thursday, March 1st for Seat #2.

Location: Highland Manor 604 East Main Street in Apopka

Time: From 6-8 PM both nights.

 But unlike most debates or townhalls, this event will attempt to re-create the experience of being on the Apopka City Council. The agenda items (topics) and specifics (questions) will be sent to the eight candidates a week in advance so that they can prepare to answer questions delivered to them. This style of debate is intended to better simulate the experience of being an Apopka City Commissioner.
 There will also be no timed answers, allowing candidates to reply to questions in a more conversational style, similar to how the City Council operates during a discussion.
 Three specific topics will be discussed with only a few questions per topic. The discussion will stay on that topic until a comprehensive understanding of the four candidate’s viewpoints/opinions/thoughts is known.
 The purpose of this format is not to measure how quickly a candidate thinks on their feet, but rather to measure their approach to solving critical issues for Apopka, and to fully understand their opinions and ideologies on the subject.
In the last 30 minutes, a more traditional townhall style debate will close the event with the candidates answering questions posed by the audience.
 Seating is limited to first-come-first-served.


  1. I heard this town hall debate discussed on the radio show tonight as well as all of the fundraising/campaign donations that are flowing in. Inquiring minds wonder. A whole week to study over and prepare their rehearsed responses to the debate questions? Whatever…..it seems everything is getting so controlled and suppressed in this city.

  2. This sounds absolutely a wonderful idea! I really like it. I’ve been an Apopka voter since 1985 and I have never had an opportunity to see all the candidates together in a debate.

    The City Council knows what is on the agenda for the meetings and most hopefully they prepare for it, so I believe having prepared for the topics is excellent. Although I will be out of town during these debates, I wish everyone well as this moves forward.

  3. Yes, it is a good happening to be able to see all the Apopka City Council Candidates for Commission to all be together in a “debate”. There are many citizens who are voters in this city, who don’t know these candidates, and aren’t familiar with them. At least, they can have an opportunity to see them in action. As far as the debates in the past, where all the candidates came together, there were several that I went to. The Victory Church, the Cooper Sports Center, and the Apopka High School, that sponsored the debates. A couple of those debates, turned out to be more like a fireworks show than a debate!!!….LOL I guess this is the real reason for the prearranged questions, to be given to the candidates a week ahead, to prepare their responses, rather than to re-create the actual experience of being on the Apopka City Council….LOL I’ll tell you who did a great job with questions given out at one of the debates, and that was questions that the Apopka High School Debate Team members gave the candidates over at the Apopka High School debate, that were off- the- cuff, and a surprise to the candidates…. #Apopka Blue Darter Proud!

  4. When I was campaigning for, and helping out one of the previous State Representative candidates, there was one debate that was scheduled at one of the big churches, and the format was, that the candidates could pose questions to each other. My candidate, I supported, decided to pass on that debate, which I totally understood, knowing how that would go. Later we heard how it went, and it turned into a personal character attack, pretty much.

  5. With all the venues available in this city why didn’t you get the Apopka Community Center, VFW, it seats up to 500, with no problems



    SMITH, SEAT 1; BELL, SEAT 2; and NELSON, MAYOR, city of Apopka, who respect the history of our beloved city while understanding the importance of sustainable economic growth for the future.

    SMITH has been “RESPECTABLE of and DEDICATED to”  our beloved city of Apopka for decades, and he will do the same for sustainable  economic growth and public safety for ALL communities and people (YOUTH, VETERANS, SENIORS, MILLENNIALS) with fiscal integrity.  SMITH, SEAT 1!

    BELL (VETERAN) understands the importance of being a Commissioner,” of, for, and by the people,” NOT “of, for, and by” the Mayor, for sustainable economic growth  and public safety in a caring, fair, and safe environment for ALL PEOPLE (YOUTH, VETERANS, SENIORS, VOLUNTEERS, MILLENNIALS) with fiscal integrity. BELL, SEAT 2!

    NELSON will be a Mayor that we, the people of Apopka, can TRUST  with words and actions, inclusive of listening and learning from people (YOUTH, VETERANS, SENIORS, MILLENNIALS) for sustainable economic growth, public safety,  and fiscal integrity.

    REMEMBER, a person can not make a REAL DIFFERENCE by being SILENT on the sidelines, and not excersing her or his RIGHT TO VOTE.

  7. Leroy Bell is the same person that walked into the museum and started screaming and yelling at the volunteers because a family picture had been removed in order to paint the wall! This is not someone that I want in anyway running our city or even contributing!


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