Firefighters from stations #1 and #4 of the Apopka Fire Department responded to a commercial fire near the intersections of 13th Street and Apopka Boulevard this morning. Salvage crews disassembling a tractor-trailer sparked a fire which ignited two large trailers and additional materials.

The fire was contained quickly due to the fast response time of a nearby AFD fire engine unit according to AFD Chief Chuck Carnesale.

 “This is a prime example of why special precautions should be taken prior to this type of work. Water hoses, extinguishers and a spotter should always be available prior to beginning any work which could ignite or spark a fire. Luckily we had a fire engine already en route to our training facility which spotted the smoke prior to receiving the 911 calls. Quick response by firefighters who were able to contain the fire from spreading to many other exposures, was key in this incident.
Carnesale also pointed out the extreme summer heat wave under which they battled the blaze.
 “As always, I’m very proud of the work my firefighters perform under grueling conditions such as the heat wave we’re experiencing today with the near 100 degree temperatures.”
Editor’s Note: The feature photo and below photos are courtesy of the Apopka Fire Department


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