unnamed-68 News From the VFW:

Over 1,008 voters have made the drive to the Apopka VFW this morning to vote in the City Commission elections for Seats #3 and #4. This projects to a total election turnout of  approximately 4,600. All four candidates voted this morning and were still at the site campaigning. The traffic around the VFW is still steady but manageable. No Election Day issues in regards to voting, ballot shortages or registration.

There are other candidates prospecting the voting site for their races later in the year. Isadora Dean is collecting signatures for her petition to run for The Orange County School Board District 7 seat.

Greg Jackson’s team was also on hand collecting signatures for his run at the State House District 45.

Thuy Lowe and her team were also at the VFW. Lowe is running for the US House District 5. She was also collecting signatures for her petition to be on the ballot.




  1. The elections are always exciting in Apopka. Hate to see the election almost over. There goes the best entertainment around. Hope you all are having fun!

  2. Gosh, we are famous for fast food, lets install some drive thru voting, and we won’t even have to get out of the vehicle to vote. Bring it, and we will be even more famous!


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