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Contractors add one more truck; more equipment on the way

Outside contractors working to remove hurricane storm debris added a third vehicle to their fleet today. This now makes a total of six vehicles — including three City trucks — working to pick up an estimated 250,000 cubic yards of storm debris on the ground in Apopka.

Additional trucks owned by outside contractors are expected to arrive in Apopka by the end of the week. The hope is to be able to deploy a total of 10 vehicles working on debris removal. Because of the extremely high volume of material, debris removal is expected to take several weeks.

The City of Apopka’s general plan is to make a first pass focusing on large tree debris-only piles starting in Debris Zones 1, 2, 3 and finishing in Debris Zone 4. This follows the City’s normal yard trash pickup sequence. Please make every effort to have all tree debris at the right of way as soon as possible. The more debris that can be collected on the first pass, the more efficient the cleanup will be.

Primary efforts of the debris cleanup are now focused on Debris Zone 1. The outside contractor crews started in “Errol West” Monday and continued in this area today. Again: Please keep in mind that the volume of debris in this area is extremely high and is expected to take some time to clear. City crews have completed their first pass is complete in Wekiva Run, Oak Ridge in neighborhoods off Lester Road.

City crews are working in the lighter areas of Debris Zone 2, in the northeast area of Rock Springs Ridge where the City’s smaller equipment can be more effective and stay out of the way of the larger contractor equipment. These crews are also responding to hot spots around the city as needed, including Christiana Avenue and the construction zone on 6th Street.

Note – Feature photo, below photo, and the map is from the City of Apopka Facebook page.


  1. Sunny, I could not read it. I enlarged it, got my reading glasses out, the magnifying glass out, and still could not make it out. I could only guess at which district we are in, based on Lake Apopka. The labels were a blurred mess. I showed it to my husband who sees better than I do up close, and he could not read it either.

  2. Thought for sure a truck of some kind would come around today to remove some of the debris on our street, but no truck came, this marks 3 weeks that no yard trash debris has been removed from our street.

  3. A big white bucket truck, Heart of Jax, came and restrung our street light power liines on our street that was down. Ours across our house, was still there, and had power to the street light, but across the neighbors, their line was all down. That was one tall bucket truck. If you laid two telephone poles end to end, the lift bucket was much taller than that! The guy also opened our street light up and dusted out a bucket load of night bugs, and put in a new bulb, and made the connections to re-string the lines on toward the other end of the street, and cut some palm fronds, and oak branches, that were in the way. The truck had a big red heart on the door and a cross symbol. Glad some things are getting done since the cane!

  4. Can someone please tell me why the mayor of Apopka chose to clear his subdivision and those in Errol Estates before clearing safe paths for schoolchildren going to Lakeville Elementary and Apopka Middle School which are scheduled last on the list to be cleared.


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