Takes positions on Amendments 1, 2, 3, and 10

From the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce 

The Board of Directors for the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce voted recently to take a position on four amendments, that could have an effect on the businesses and membership of the Chamber, within the region. Each of the amendments were fully vetted and discussed by the Chamber’s Public Policy and Advocacy Committee, its Executive Committee and the entire Board of Directors. The Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce strongly encourages its membership to vote against Amendment One and in support of Amendment Two, Three and 10 on the November 6, 2018, General Election ballot.

“The Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce is focused on providing leadership to influence the economic and governmental issues impacting our community and we encourage our membership and the residents of the Apopka area, to follow our lead on these important ballot initiatives,” said Ken Croston, Chairman of the Board and the President/CEO of Electronic Locksmith. Robert Agrusa, President of the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce, went on to say, “We are confident that our position on each of these amendments will continue to foster growth, prosperity, and predictability for the business community and the hardworking families of the greater Apopka area.”

Amendment 1

Amendment One provides an additional property tax exemption. After reviewing the amendment, the savings will benefit less than 25% of property owners and will ultimately be a huge tax shift to the majority of property owners. Therefore, the Apopka Area Chamber urges voters to oppose this amendment.

Amendment 2

Conversely, the Apopka Area Chamber choose to support Amendments Two, Three and 10. Amendment Two will codify Florida’s 10 percent cap on value increases for non-homestead properties, which includes commercial property and rentals. Plus, it helps communities thrive by preventing excessive property taxes and ensuring Florida remains an affordable place to live, work and do business.

Amendment 3

Furthermore, Amendment Three will give the voters control of gambling expansion throughout the State of Florida and protect the Central Florida region’s brand and economic driver, our family-friendly tourism industry, by keeping casino gambling out Apopka and the three-county area.

Amendment 10

Lastly, the Chamber decided to support Amendment 10, which assures our local constitutional officer’s independence from political bodies, as it gives confidence to the business community that politics are not part of public safety, judicial system, tax collection, property appraisals, elections, and other key duties.

The mission of the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce is to serve the economic development, prosperity, and sustainability of our community and region through connectivity, leadership, education, and support.

For more information on the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce, please visit www.ApopkaChamber.org.


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