From the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce 

The board of directors for the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce voted recently to approve the following 2019 Legislative Agenda, which is a set of policy goals that will guide the chamber’s advocacy during this upcoming legislative session. The agenda was developed through the priorities identified by the chamber’s board of directors and its Government Affairs and Issues Committee, and by input and feedback from our membership.

“The Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce will use this legislative agenda as a tool to provide leadership to influence the economic and governmental issues impacting our community, to foster growth, prosperity, and sustainability for the business community of the greater Apopka area,” said Ken Croston, chairman of the board and the president/CEO of Electronic Locksmith.

Robert Agrusa, president of the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce, went on to say, “We invite all of our members to study this agenda and we encourage you to get involved in the political process. Additionally, we encourage you to contact your elected representatives on issues of importance to your business. In doing so, you play a significant role in the legislative process and strengthen the Apopka Area Chamber’s voice in Tallahassee.”

Specifically, during the 2019 Legislative Session the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce is advocating for:

Transportation & Infrastructure Needs

  • The chamber supports the funding required to complete the Harmon Road extension. This extension will improve public safety and access by extending the existing Harmon Road to Marden Road to create a direct route to the new AdventHealth hospital campus.

Local Apopka Priorities

  • The chamber supports our local ecotourism community by requesting funding to enhance the bathrooms and trail access at the Apopka Birding Park to connect to the Lake Apopka Wildlife Trail and the Lake Apopka North Shore Restoration Area.

Strengthening our Education and Workforce Development

  • The chamber supports Governor Ron DeSantis’ vision to go from No. 24 to No. 1 in the nation for its workforce and technical training programs by 2030.
  • The chamber requests that the Florida Legislature approve Governor DeSantis’ $10 million for workforce apprenticeships, plus $26 million for vocational programs to be housed in the state college.

Continued Support of Economic Development

  • The chamber supports results-oriented economic development programs that encourage partnerships to retain and attract business, which fuels an innovation economy by attracting targeting industries and emerging technology sectors.

Lower Taxes and Improved Business Climate 

  • The chamber supports maintaining a competitive and stable insurance market while reducing fraud in our state. This includes our support of the assignment of benefits reform to protect consumers and stop the abuse. Without meaningful reforms, all Floridians may see the dream of home ownership become less affordable.
  • The chamber supports the creation of a competitive tax system that keeps investments in the pockets of small businesses and families and eliminates uncompetitive tax policies like the Florida only-business rent tax.

Increasing Housing Opportunities

  • The chamber supports legislation that fully funds the state and local government housing trust funds. Additionally, we support legislation that appropriates funds solely for workforce housing and we oppose utilizing state and local government housing trust funds for programs outside of workforce housing.
  • The chamber supports changes to the SHIP ordinance to local jurisdictions and propose initiatives to allow local governments to evaluate the need for affordable rental housing as a priority instead of home ownership. This would require a legislative change to allow flexibility in the 65% homeowner requirement.

The Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce is the voice of the rapidly growing businesses in the Apopka area and we are focused on serving the economic development, prosperity, and sustainability of our community and region through connectivity, leadership, education and support.

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  1. Okay, Apopka Chamber of Commerce….I hate to be the one to inform you all, that Apopka is not on the map. I was at the Home Gadget Store, and looking at the wooden laser cut cutting boards which actually were made out of bamboo ( so it said) but looked like regular wood, and guess what? Apopka was not on the map, listed on the Florida cutting boards. However, Yee Haw Junction was, as well as an area to the left of Apopka, known as the Golden Swamp…..??? You all better get crackin’, and get us on the map, and give us Apopkans some fame! They had Wisconsin, Tenn. and Florida, in stock, and the clerk said they couldn’t keep them in stock!

  2. What kind of business is coming in at Jones Avenue and 441 in Zellwood, across from the biker bar on Jones Avenue, where they normally sell citrus trees? Anybody know? They are doing a lot of work there………..

  3. You all know what is missing from this city? It is helium. I found this out at two of the Dollar Tree businesses when I was standing behind people wanting balloons to give for special occasions. They have been out of helium since Valentine’s Day, and they indicated no one in town has helium, and they said there was a shortage of helium. What is going on? You mean there is no helium to be found in this city, with all this “hot air” spouting around this city…..what in the world?……lol

  4. Okay, calling all bird lovers and bird watchers…..I have a sincere question….is it normal to see a Canadian goose swimming around having a jolly good time by itself in a retention pond behind an Apopka business this time of year in Florida? I ask this sincerely, as I don’t know the answer. However with my limited bird watching ability to id birds, I did recognize this bird as a Canadian Goose because I used to sew the bird cut-outs to make door-stops to sell of the Canadian Goose bird. I saw this goose swimming and having a great time in the retention pond behind Marco’s Pizza on RSR. I thought they migrated in big flocks, and I haven’t seen any here in Florida although as I have said before, I am not very observant. Although, I might notice a fighter jet flying over….because of the sound.


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