The Apopka Police Department announced Thursday that Deputy Chief Randy Fernandez and Captain David Call will retire.

According to the Separation Agreement and General Release documents, dated and signed on April 17th and released by the APD today, Fernandez has agreed to voluntarily retire from the APD effective on September 9th at 5 PM.

Apopka Deputy Chief Randy Fernandez will retire from the APD in September.

In the document, the city acknowledges that any allegations against Fernandez and Call with regard to violating City policies have been investigated and resulted in a finding of “not sustained”. Based on that finding, the required FDLE Affidavit of Separation form submitted by the City will identify the reason for Fernandez and Call’s separation as “Administrative-Routine-Retires. Not involving misconduct”. The APD has not released the internal investigations of Fernandez or Call but says they will release them when they are finalized. In February of 2019, Fernandez was suspended with pay over allegations he abused his authority/position.

The document also stipulates that Fernandez and Call will not apply for, solicit, seek, or otherwise attempt to obtain or accept employment with the City.

Fernandez and Call will be paid 20 weeks of severance at their current rate of pay until their retirement. Their health benefits will continue as provided for any other retired employee with more than 25 years of service and will receive the value of accrued but unused Paid Time Off, according to the documents.

There is also a clause included that neither party will make disparaging remarks about the other.

Fernandez started with the city in 1989 at the Apopka Fire Department and became a sworn law enforcement officer in 1991. He held many ranks within the AFD and conducted arson investigations for years until earning the position of fire chief in 2006. In 2008, Fernandez joined the ranks of the APD as a commander and managed various divisions within the organization. He was named deputy chief in August of 2017.


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