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Builds its own spray field that meets FDEP standards

With an agreement from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Anuvia Plant Nutrients was able to start operations yesterday on a limited basis without using the City of Apopka’s wastewater treatment plant.

The company entered into a pilot project with FDEP that consists of significant reporting requirements and water standards that are approximately 20 percent of the standards from the City of Apopka.

At its own expense, Anuvia has built a spray field for water that meets the FDEP standards. Any water in excess of these strict standards, will be shipped to a commercial facility for wastewater.

“We are proud to enter into this program with the state to start operations once again and put our employees back to work,” says Amy Yoder, CEO, Anuvia Plant Nutrients. “The DEP’s interest in protecting our environment is aligned with our core mission and we believe this is the start of moving forward with all entities.”

In addition to the immediate solution to start operations, the pilot project includes a wide variety of testing that Anuvia will be running on its system over the next several weeks to reduce its chemical and biological oxygen demand.

Finally, the company is working with the City of Apopka to start a program suggested by city staff to assist in ensuring the city’s wastewater treatment plant begins to run functionally.

The new permit with the city is still under review and negotiations are pending after the results of the variety of testing is complete.

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