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During the stay at home mandate, parents are looking for more and more creative ways to keep their children motivated, focused, and always learning.

By adorning their nursery or room with pieces that carry story, in this case through African design, you can ensure the home is stylish, functional, and educational. Here are a few suggestions that may spark meaningful conversations about family heritage as your child grows up.

Use Black and White Geometric Prints


Scientific studies have shown that newborns especially prefer high-contrast, black and white images rather than soft, colored or pastel visuals. Inspired by the traditional symbols of West Africa, the pattern of these organic cotton swaddles originates from African Adinkra symbology. Two symbols – Nkyimu, standing for high quality and excellence and Kyemfere, representing experience – are joined to create meaningful designs.



Toys That Use Sustainable Materials

Hand-Crocheted Animals and Nkimu Organic Kids Blanket Love

Hand-crocheted in South Africa, these stuffed animals use time-honored techniques and are woven using soft cotton with no harmful chemicals or dyes, down to the animals’ eyes. Because sometimes kids’ toys end up in strange places, feel confident that you are providing a toy that is safe and that they can cherish for years to come.




Home Décor as a History Lesson


The Maasai people, who inhabit southern Kenya and northern Tanzania, were introduced with glass beads from Czech Republic in the 19th Century by Arab traders. From there, elegant design work was developed throughout the region. This decorative hanging mobile uses a minimalist white and black design and is made of wooden sticks covered with glass beads that are woven together and finished with black coil.

Explore additional contemporary African designs at 54kibo, a curated online collection of home décor and kids’ items available for purchase with free shipping across the U.S.



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