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Home Business Amazon Offers 48 Hours of Deals for Prime Day

Amazon Offers 48 Hours of Deals for Prime Day


Prime Day starts at midnight PT on Monday, July 15 and – for the first time ever – runs for 48 hours, offering members two full days with more than one million deals around the world.

Prime Day will be the biggest celebration of deals with limited-time offers, never-before-seen entertainment and exclusive launches online and in-store. Also, members will find the biggest Prime Day deals ever on Alexa-enabled devices. And one of the best Prime Day deals has already started – save $120 on Toshiba HD 43-inch Fire TV Edition Smart TV, only $179.99, through June 30 or while supplies last.

Not a Prime member yet? Anyone can join Prime or start a 30-day free trial at amazon.com/primeday to participate in Prime Day.

Prime Day will be a two-day parade of epic deals – coming July 15 & 16

The Deals Will Be Everywhere

New this year, Prime Day will offer more than one million deals globally, including new featured Lightning Deals. These deals will include jaw-dropping prices on top-tier brands. Due to the nature of these deals, many will have limited quantities and could sell out fast, so Prime members should come back frequently to view new deals launching throughout the 48-hour event. Stay tuned, the featured Lightning Deals will include some of the most exciting products of the year.

This year, members can shop hundreds of thousands of Prime Day deals from small and medium-sized businesses around the globe and, for the first time, members will be able to shop a dedicated page of Prime Day deals from U.S.-based innovators, artisans, and entrepreneurs. Prime members can support small and medium-sized businesses this Prime Day by shopping deals from Amazon Storefronts, Amazon Handmade, Amazon Launchpad and more. Last Prime Day, small and medium-sized businesses selling in Amazon’s stores surpassed $1.5 billion in sales.


  1. I’m hearing about semi trucks self driving on the Florida turnpikes. I see a lot of semi trucks that are trucking Amazon products on I-4. I am CERTAINLY going to be looking in the direction of the driver’s seat, to see if their big rigs are driverless, and if they are, I am going to get the H out of their way, as far as I can, in a NY minute!!!

  2. I SURE WILL BE GLAD when the intersection at Vick and Martin is open again in August! So many times, I forget it is closed off. Anybody know why Central between Summit and Martin was closed off last night, with all the fire trucks, ambulance, and bunch of police presence there??? Haven’t heard why…..well, last night was the first fireworks going off around this neighborhood. It will be this way every night until the 4th and after. I am interested to see how Prince Giorgio, my Maltipoo puppy that is 8 months old, is going to react. So far, not much has frightened him, not even thunder and lightning. He hasn’t heard the smoke detector at our home go off yet, when I cook in the oven sometimes……poor little Joey Bo Bo Buttafucco, my other sweet little dog that passed away, it scared him half to death. He was a scary little boy when it came to loud sounds.

  3. I watched the first debate in full, although it is not that easy to get it, number one, we don’t have cable or satellite tv, number two, I can’t understand Spanish, but I am pretty sure we get Telemuno, don’t think I spelled that right?…..number three: I went online to MSNBC. com, and NBC news, and I thought it would be easy to log on and watch, but I had difficulty, all I got for awhile was the music and the opening with the ads, which I got easily, but then nothing! Finally, I was able to watch it, the first debate in full, but I haven’t seen the 2nd debate in full yet. So many websites wanted to charge a fee to view, even though there were postings about how to watch the debates for free….ha! I am not a person who is going to pay to watch a debate, no matter who is debating, and that includes the City of Apopka candidates….like when the Chamber of Commerce charged to hear the city’s candidates debate. Not this girlie girl!

  4. Out of all the Democratic candidates, I like Elizabeth Warren the best. She seems the most honest and passionate about changing the direction this country is headed. I think Kamila Harris is very intelligent and is very capable of being president, but she is clearly a very angry person. I listened to her talk to Biden about her being bussed as a little girl in California, to accomplish integrating the school system. That rings a bell back in my mind, because I was in the public school system when the schools were first being integrated in SC, as well as nationally. I hear a lot about black kids bussed to the white schools, but I was one of the white kids bussed to what had been an all black school. It was when I started eighth grade. I didn’t have any problems at that school at all, I have to say. I did have a problem with a black boy on my bus heading home, plus some other mean white kids, on my bus, but not at the school itself. In fact, I really liked going to school there. I am glad Kamila Harris got to say her say, I hope she feels better getting it off her chest, at least, but it does appear to some, she was playing the race card, IMO. I have been angry at Biden for what to me seems like his hiding out. He was a no- show in Calif. meeting, and has either been hiding out, or thinks he is superior to the others. And I really do like Biden, but this is the time to turn it up, not hide out! I was not impressed with Castro, De Blasio, or Yang….he seems gimmicky to me. I wish that all of them would have stuck together, and stayed on the downing of Trump, instead of attacking each other. They also need to rethink some of their ideas, in some areas, for sure…….

  5. I really like the new lights along RSR near Welch and RSR. What I especially like are they are bright and white, and put out so much light, unlike those horrid gas bulbs that Mayor K approved of, in lieu of those electric bulbs…..why, on earth???? I wish Mayor Nelson would reverse that decision of the gas bulbs across the COA. Those gas bulbs don’t light up hardly anything. They are worthless. We have so many car burglaries, car thieves stealing cars, home and business burglaries, and we have these worthless gas light bulbs installed around our town. We need to bring back the better lighting of the bulbs, like the new ones installed around in front of RSR near Welch and the Publix store, not those gas bulbs that barely glow………….


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