By Charles Towne

Life for a little bear is fraught with many dangers. Infant mortality is so great that approximately three out of four young bears don’t make it past their 4th birthday.

Many young bears commit bearicide by dashing out in front of speeding vehicles, and we all know that bears climb trees. What most people don’t know is that bears sometimes fall and end up either killed outright or they die from injuries sustained from their falls. Another cause of infant mortality is large males killing little bears thus forcing the females into premature estrous, thus ensuring that her next cubs will be his.)

Buddy Bear was eating mast in the large oak grove. Mast is another name for acorns which all bears dearly love. I mean, they eat acorns like you and I eat hot buttered popcorn!

Buddy was laying on his tummy pigging out on those delicious acorns when suddenly he jumped up and stared at the surrounding forest.  Something, he knew not what, had alarmed him. As he stared at his surroundings he was listening as well, but more than anything he was using his nose.

Buddy’s sense of smell is very keen.

There is a tale that goes like this… “A leaf fell in the forest.  A fox traveling through the forest heard the leaf fall. An eagle flying high above the forest saw the leaf fall, but the bear, sound asleep in his den on the other side of the forest suddenly awoke and said to his wife, “Hmm, I just smelled a leaf fall!”  His wife, not to be outdone said, “Yes dear, but did you smell the little mouse the leaf fell on?”

Well, you get the idea.

Buddy Bear suddenly stood up on his hindermost footsies, sniffed real deep, and started running to one of the large oak trees.

Just in time, he was too for he heard something behind him and he knew that it was Brutimous Bear!

Buddy just barely made it to the oak tree when Brutimous snapped his jaws and just barely missed catching our young friend.

Buddy dashed up the tree and Brutimous started climbing behind him.

Oh, I am here to tell you that Brutimous was angry!  He snarled and grumbled at Buddy, threatening him with mayhem, and worse!

Buddy climbed up that oak tree until he came to a large limb and he ran out on that limb with Brutimous right on his heels.

Brutimous bear growled great and dire threats at buddy bear.

Buddy kept climbing out on the big branch and Brutimous kept following him, but, as Buddy climbed out on that big limb, the big limb got smaller and smaller!

Now I want you to know that as that branch got smaller and smaller, Brutimous seemed to get bigger and bigger and the limb was not designed to hold Brutimous bear’s weight, and the limb began to sag! 

Oh, was Brutimous bear angry!   He knew that if he kept following Buddy bear the limb would break and down, down, down would come the two of them!

Brutimous lost his temper and slapped the limb which was a big mistake because when he slapped the limb he lost his balance and almost fell!

Finally, Brutimous realized his danger and made his way back to the trunk of the tree, and then down to the ground, and finally to safety.  As Brutimous walked away out of sight, Buddy bear laughed a little bear laugh and sighed a big sigh of relief, and then he made his way to a broad spot on the big limb and would you believe it, he laid down and did something that all bears, big and small, are very good at, he got comfortable, sighed, and took a nap.

Feature photo by Charles Towne

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. I just love these bear stories of yours, Chuck! They make me smile, they make me laugh and sometimes, they make me cry.
    It’s all about nature, outdoors and just plain life. I am, and always will be, a lover of happy endings.
    So thanks, Chuck, for a story that made me smile. God bless you.

  2. Dear CSG, if my stories can touch you in so many ways I guess it is all good so I reckon I will keep on writing. I am considering including my other animal friends in these stories. May you be greatly blessed in all ways, Chaz

  3. I love a story with a good ending. Had Brutimous managed to catch Buddy it would have resulted in an unbearable ending. Keep the stories coming – they make my Sunday mornings very enlightening.

  4. Hey Mike, everybody likes a happy ending and that is surely a fact isn’t it? The life of a little bear is full of suspense as you can see. Hopefully we hooman beans can learn to preserve all life, at least this is our goal. May Papa God bless you all, Chaz

  5. Good for Buddy!!! Glad he was saved in the end!!! Brutimous needs a nap, he seems a bit grumpy! Love the story…love the author even more!!!

  6. Faithy my dear dotter, Yes, as much as it makes me sad to say it Brutimous definitely needs an attitude adjustment! Bless you all, your Daddy,Chaz

  7. (Dear reader, in case you didn’t guess, the picture of the big bear at the beginning of this story is Brutimous bear. He is a very biggg bear! Chaz

  8. Dear Brother Charlitos !!! Animal stories embrace me !!! We hope and wish we could hike, walk and run with Buddy, Brotimous, Rufo and every animal … Has the time passed we realized that the most beautiful living creatures are Animals. Us, we acting bad and worse. Pray to PapaGod to give us common sense for mantein our planet longer.
    Big Hughs Brother

  9. Richard, now why didn’t anyone else catch that “going out on a limb” thing? You are one very astute dude my friend. Sam, sorry about that, chaz

  10. Never been a big fan of bears, figured they might eat me. But, I am starting to really like Buddy Bear! Keep his stories coming. He needs his own book of life!

  11. I just read this aloud to my eight year old granddaughter, Aurora, Kurt’s daughter. She said, “That was very nice. I loved the story. Are there more to read?” So, now on to another.

  12. Dear Judy and Aurora, what is your favorite animal? I love when young folks like my stories! More to come, Unka Chaz


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