By Charles Towne

“Papa God, you must especially love cats, you made so many of them!”

“I imagine that if our cats were unable to purr all of that happiness would build up and the poor wee beasties would likely explode.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     “I think that cats can talk, but; being very wise they choose not to.”

“I have owned a few dogs in my life but never a cat.  One does not own a cat, one serves a cat.”

-Charles Towne                                                                                                                                                      

I would like to think I am somewhat smarter than a retarded garden slug, but now, after living with cats for well over twenty years I don’t know.

Consider cats now, they are downright clever beasties, yes, clever and manipulative, yes, very manipulative.  And they know how to milk it to their best advantage.

Take obedience for example.  Cats, by reputation, are not obedient.  Dogs are obedient to a fault.  Cats are not.  In fact, cats are so smart they have trained humans to be obedient.

Oh sure, I know you think I’m weird, but think about it, cats tolerate us and we mistake their tolerance as love.  My cats are the exception to the rule, they really love me.

   If we humans were really clever we would follow the cat’s lead and not be so needy.

   Cats, when they desire human companionship come to us, pet us; perhaps go to sleep in our collective laps for a while, but then they wake up and are about life’s more important issues, like chasing butterflies, using the litter box, or playing with a ball of fluff they dragged out from under the bed.

   Don’t feel bad, a ball of fluff from under the bed may not be all that bad when you consider that my junior feline companion Shnoodles seems to prefer playing with a dead roach to my company.  Hey, I never claimed that cats were particularly good for the ego.

   Cats are very wise creatures.  They know exactly how to manipulate men, or women; whatever the case may be, to their will.   Just think about it.  You feed your cats.  You clean their litter box.  You buy them special toys.  You play with them, pet them, cuddle them, clean their… yes I know, I already said that.  We throw things for them to chase and they train us to retrieve the things that we throw for them to chase.  We take them to the vet when they are sick, we pay those astronomical vet bills and give them free room and board.  Some cat people even leave their puppy cats vast fortunes in their wills when they die.  We allow them to take up most of the bed at night, we protect them and clean the litter box.  Now I need to ask you a question, just who is smarter, the cats or us?  I never had anyone waiting on me hand and foot the way I take care of my cats. Just think of it, perhaps cats are a higher life form, and if not a higher life form they are definitely more intelligent.

Yep, when I think about it they are a lot smarter than we are.

What’s that?  Yes master, right away master.

I have to go now Shnoodles has just asked me to clean the litter box.

Yes, master, I’m coming master!

You have a nice day now, and may your cats teach you.

  A Cat Lover’s Prayer              
Dear Papa God, please help me to bestow upon others the great joy that my cats continually bestow upon me.   I wonder if a car’s purr is really some sort of feline prayer?  Nah, probably not, but when one of my kitties is sitting in my lap and gazing into my eyes, and purring up a storm it brings me great peace and joy.  Do our prayers do the same thing for you Father?  It seems Lord, that you have created a mighty fine animal in the cat, and I thank you for that.  In Jesus’ blessed name I ask this, Amen, and Amen!

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. lol…..I can relate! Have always had cats and always listened to their “silent” lessons about life. The primary one, love is earned with respect and compassion. If you supply those two ingredients, they will be yours for life! Same goes for humans as well, don’t you think?

  2. Dear NH, YOU ARE SO RIGHT! Love and respect? Yeah, and food, lets not forget food. And then there is always toys. Toys, food, love and respect, Oh yes, and if chatt falls asleep on your lap you can not disturb them until they are ready to move, and the litterbox! The litterbox must be cleaned regularly. And thou shalt not step on cat’s tail. Oh yes, and thou shalt not throw out cat’s toys such as deactivated mice, roaches. and other wee critters. Can you just imagine how nice life would be if we treated human folks as good as we treat our cats? Bless you dear friend, Chaz

  3. Love this and can relate having 5 of the varmits living with us. I am definitely a servant but I’m ok with that which speaks to your point about being trained.

    Well written as always Chuck. God bless.


  4. Don, yes, cats train us very well to be obedient and whatever else it is they wish us to be. Blessings on you and yours pal, Chaz

  5. Charlie, your cats did not come to me this morning. I wonder why? They must feel that they have trained you and do not need to train me, a temporary visitor. You article hit the proverbial head on the nail. How I treasure my last cat for the comfort and relief from the loneliness she bring me. As always, I cannot wait til next Sunday to read your next article.

  6. Herbert, we might appreciate dogs for certain qualities as we do cats. Take the dog’s sense of shameless mawkiness, or neediness. Dogs have a tendency to fawn all over us, I mean they play the absolute fool, whereas cats are the absolute opposite. A cat is regal without pretense, they do not need us. Cats are survivors without us. That word, “mawkiness” is my creation, and in my mind it means shameless beyond reason which describes dogs down to their finest elements. I still love dogs, but… Blessings my friend, Chaz

  7. What an article!! LOL
    I’m still “chuck”ling!!
    Just makes me want to say…… MEOW!!
    That is cat language for AMEN!
    I have 3 of those sweet, cuddly creatures (when they want to be)
    They all have distinct cat qualities, as well as their own personalities.
    I definitely jump to their every whim and fancy, but I can’t help it since they have me well-trained.
    If only we could be so devoted to answering the Lord when He speaks to us. Thanks Chuck, as always, for the humor.
    God’s blessings on you!

  8. Dear CSG, and all I can say is aaapoiujdywwwwwwreteteteyyyyyuuiu you are sooo correct. That long word is a result of my boy cat Hercules standing on the keyboard. It is a complicated sentence written in Cattese and roughly translated it means, “Please hooman person, clean out the litter box and give us lots of cat treats.” Bless you dear Hooman person, MEOW, MEOW, MEOW

  9. Sweet and joyful article! Amazing what joy our furry creatures bring to us as. They are costly and demanding but oh so worth it. Meow and woof! (I’m a doggy person). 🙂

  10. Respectfully, unka Chuck, I hate to disagree with you but I have a 2 year old cat and an 8 year old one. They are both stubby tailed. But that’s where their sameness disappears. The older one does have a mind of his own as do most but the younger one acts more like a dog and looks like a rabbit from the back. Really, I’m not kidding! He is defiant at times and then compliant when he wants attention and love and food. The older one when he was a kitten was so comical. If you reprimanded him he would walk away a little ways, stop momentarily and then saunter off paying you no attention. But the cool thing about him was that you only had to correct him once about a particular infraction. Almost like he was processing his correction and determined to remember it. As i said the younger one was defiant at times. You would say no about something, he would look right at you and go right ahead and do it anyway. My older cat even calmed a dog who was irritating our female dog a little older than he. And then theirs our little female dog. But we’ll save that for when you talk about dogs.
    Love you, unka Chuck, Linda

  11. OH dear, dear Linda, and I rest my case. Your chatts have trained you very well. What you describe is a very refined form of feline brain washing similar to Stockholm syndrome. The defiant/compliant thing indicates the similarity between cats and the female of my own species. Uncle Meow!

  12. Dearest Kristin, And Meow, meow, Woof, woof to you dear doggie person. You strike me as being the sort of hooman person that would talk to your furry friends, which is really alright “cause I do too. May God bless you and keep you safe dear friend, Woof, woof, Bow wow!

  13. Dear Linda, I am sure you are unaware of the fact but by disagreeing with me you prove my point. Katts are wise, and more ten wise they are greatly gifted. They manipulate their humans, and bend them to their will. This is a sort of mind control, a gift that every catt possesses from birth. You think it is your idea to clean the litter-box but it is not, it is your qatts bending you to their will. And you think it is your decision what brand of kitty food to buy.. but it is not. Everything you do is controlled by felis kitty-cattus and you end up doing their will. Beware humans, their goal is to take over the world. Blessings on you and your catts. Chaz

  14. It’s the ancient Egyptian’s fault for holding cats in such high regard. Back in their day cats worked hard to rid Egypt of pests that spoiled food supplies and carried disease. Cats evolved to remember the “worship” part of the feline-human relationship but have totally forgotten the “work” part. Having met some of our freeloading felines I’m sure you will agree with my understanding of feline evolution. I will say one thing – people that don’t like cats have never taken the time to know one – or many as the case is at our house…

  15. Dear Mike, Felis Kitty Kattus epitomises the word “ALOOF”as well as the short term, “spoiled rotten.” You and your sweetie are what is referred to in cat circles, cat dependent. This is not as bad as it may sound because though terminal it is a rare form Happy syndrome and invariably results in a grin being etched on the victims face, and much joy and laughter bubbling up at the drop of a hat. There is no cure. Blessings on you both, you poor dear souls Chaz

  16. Well, Chaz, you have one again given food for thought! My sister has 4 or 5 cats and my brothers and I all know who she will side with in any disagreement! They are truly amazing critters and I am amazed at the different personalities of the various individual cat! I am not sure where I heard it but a long time ago I remember someone stating that cats and dogs are examples of how we often treat God and how He loves us! A dog will accept you as a member “of the pack” and so will always want to be with us, will always love us, even when we ignore them or treat them badly. To a dog we are always part of the family no matter what! This was explained as the way Papa God loves us, no matter how bad we screw up, He still wants us! Now cats, at best tolerate us! As long as they get food and attention and toys they are content to accept us. Many folks just ask Him to do something or provide something and then they purr their gratitude!
    Anyway that is just something I heard a long time ago. It does not address kittens which probably are the cutest critters on the planet! Too bad they grow into those often aggravating,yet fascinating creatures we call cats! As for now I guess I remain, “a dog person”!

  17. Richard, I guess it is a character thing. Katts are independent, dogs are needy to the extreme. Cats are survivors, no question of that. My pappy once said, and I have to agree, “Make a dog as big as a horse and he will remain your friend, make a cat as large as a big dog and he will eat you.” I guess I am a cat/dog person. Chaz

  18. Mr. Towne, I have not written in a while but your characterization of dogs as “needy” begs for closer examination. Being by nature pack animals, dogs are by their very nature drawn to associate with members of their pack, it is their society! As pack animals, they are no more needy than dingos or wolves! To interpert their joy at “hanging out with” a member of their pack, if you are lucky enough to be accepted as such, as being needy is not a correct assessment I believe. Let me leave you with one question, would a cat gladly sacrifice his life protecting you? I remain your friend and admirer as always,

  19. Dear comrade Dmitri, You are so right, but your comparison, though interesting begs to be challenged. The average dingo, wolf, coyote, basenji, etc is a wild animal, dogs are not, the wild has been bred out of them The average doggus bow wowus would die if left to its own hunting skills, whereas the average domestic kitty cattus will bot only survive, but thrive in the surviving. If you take a cat and seperate it ten generations from the wild and release its progeny into the wild, it reverts back to the wild! try that with a dog and see what happens. Some interesting results would result. Dogs need man, cats do not. Bless you my rusky friend, Chaz

  20. Do you remember Uncle Timmy? A sweet old neutered Tommy who liked to eat night crawlers? After a spree of over indulgence on a hot summer evening, he would come into the house looking a bit sickly with night crawler goo on his whiskers and his mouth gaping. He was Ted’s cat, and I can still see Teddy early in the morning sitting on the river bank holding Uncle Timmy while Ted fished. Beautiful memory.

  21. Dear Judith, Uncle Timmy always comes with the disclaimer, “no relative.” He was the peasant killer. I will never forget him gifting us with a skunk. He came into the house in the middle of the night and dragged the very perfumy skunk under the folk’s bed. We slept outside for the next couple of nights. He was missing part of his tail and both of his ears had been frostbitten. Do you remember the time mama made fudge and set the pan outside to cool and Unka Timmy walked in it. Following the principle, “waste not, want not,” We ate cat tracks that night. Delicious fudge, delicious memories! Chaz


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