The level of convenience we enjoy today because of technology was unimaginable just three decades ago. Technological innovation and products have grown exponentially over the past two decades to a level where pretty much every facet of our lives can be optimized using technology. The interesting part is that it is bound to get better since technology makes more technology possible. Here are some of the things we take for granted that have been made possible because of technology:

  • Doing Secondary Research Is a Breeze

In the old days, if you wanted to research a topic, you’d go to the library and dig through several books to find the pieces of data you wanted. You couldn’t even confirm if the library had the books you wanted until you got to there. Further, you had to sit in the library for hours on end since carrying the piles of books you needed for your secondary research back to your place is pretty much impractical.

Nowadays, you can find the books you need plus peer-reviewed papers in digital form by just doing a Google search. There are online repositories with a lot of quality research papers that you can draw from to put together a secondary research paper. Also, it is very easy to figure out the books that can help you since you can find the table of contents and reviews of various textbooks online.

  • Hailing a Cab Doesn’t Take Shouting Your Lungs Out

With apps such as Uber and Lyft, you can hail a cab while still in bed in your pajamas. Compare that to the reality of the past where you had to step out and wait for a cab to come by – which could take forever. Nowadays, your cab waits for you. That’s a big deal especially due to the fact that your cab driver can wait for you as long as you reasonably want as long as you pay the applicable waiting charges.

  • You Can Shop for Groceries While at Home


Can you imagine telling someone 25 years ago that in 2 decades they would be able to order fresh groceries using the internet from their phone and that the package would be delivered to their doorstep in a temperature-controlled tote? They would have a hard time believing you yet this is the reality today. With e-commerce services such as AmazonFresh Delivery, you can have fresh produce delivered to your doorstep in just a few hours.

  • The Opportunities for Side Hustles Are Endless

Today, anyone who is sufficiently motivated can have a side hustle that provides a significant income. With the internet, every person has access to the global market and can serve people from pretty much every continent. If you don’t want to work in front of the computer, you haven’t been left out. Technology has opened several markets such as the taxi business to the average person. If you have a car, you can become a Lyft or Uber partner and start making money today. Check these figures out to find out how much Uber and Lyft drivers make. 

  • You Can Plan an Awesome Vacation without a Travel Agent’s Help

Before the internet, travel agents and firms had a lot of power as far as vacation planning is concerned. Today, if you want to find last minute vacation deals it’s simple. And, by the time you are paying for your travel package, you probably already know more about the destination and what’s on offer than the average travel agent. You can use the internet to compare hotel prices, look for hotel photos taken by genuine travelers so you know what the hotel is really like, browse sites such as TripAdvisor for reviews of various destinations and tour companies, and make your favorite booking site match a deal you have been offered by another site. It’s just awesome.

  • It Is Very Unlikely That You Ever Get Lost

With Google Maps and GPS units, it is pretty hard to get lost. A GPS unit can guide you from place A to place B in a town you’ve never been and you’ll get to place B without even checking out a map. If you want a more visual guide, a map service such as Google Maps will highlight the most direct route you can take. Since the companies involved always update their services regularly, the information you depend on to get around will always be accurate.

  • Consume Entertainment on Demand

There was a time when people had no option but to be in front of the TV when an original episode of their favorite show aired. Today, you can catch up on your favorite shows whenever you want. What’s more? With services such as Netflix, you can watch an entire series over the weekend.

Things like award shows and sports events can also be found in full on the internet after they have aired. If you are into gaming, you have a lot more options when it comes to how you enjoy the gaming experience from an assortment of game controllers to gaming laptops to apps on your phone. Technology also makes it possible to play live with other gaming enthusiasts from different parts of the world.


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