By Allen Brown

Bikes are a great, healthy, and eco-friendly way to get around cities and to far away places. The problem is that bikes are often on the receiving end of an accident. While you may know what to do medically after an accident, do you know what to do when it comes to legal matters? Here are a few important tips.

Seek Legal Help

Bike accidents can involve both medical and legal matters. You certainly would want a doctor to help treat your wounds when you get injured in bike crashes. The same is true with legal issues. As soon as you can, seek legal help. A legal professional can help tremendously with your potential case, as the right ones specialize in such situations. These are the professionals you want to have at your side. Especially if the other party doesn’t want to settle the matter out of court, then seeking legal help is a must.

Obtain Contact and Personal Information of the Other Party

This is one of the most important things you can do after an accident and it’s not something you should forget. Unfortunately too many people do forget this simple thing and it costs them headaches later. If you are unable to gather the important information,  have someone nearby assist you in getting the contact details.

The information you should get at the very least includes their name, driver’s license, contact number, and their insurance details. It’s very likely that if you have a serious injury, you’re going to be taken to the hospital immediately. As such, make sure someone can get every detail that you need before that happens, if you are unable.

Check for Possible Witnesses or Surveillance Cameras

As this will likely be considered a road accident, the legal process will be best managed if there’s someone that can testify regarding the events of the accident. This is the evidence you need to know whether or not you are at fault.

After the accident, check if there are any potential witnesses. Have them stay for a bit and let them give their statements to the authorities once they arrive. Alternatively, you can check for any surveillance cameras in the area too.

Wait for the Authorities to Arrive

Regardless of who’s at fault in the accident, it’s important to wait for the authorities to arrive first. They will help all involved parties settle down and get focused on what’s important. Tensions can flare up in the moments after the accident and it’s important to have the authorities diffuse the situation as soon as possible.

As angry as you may be, it is a big mistake to try and argue with other people involved in the accident. Remember, anything you say could be held against you.

Determine Whether You’re at Fault or Not

In most road accidents, one rider is usually found to be at fault. The rider or driver at fault is often the one that’s going to have to pay for things, such as compensation. When you are a part of an accident, knowing honestly whether or not you’re the one at fault is important.

If you are at fault, then you will need to own up to your errors and pay your dues. Let the accident be a wake-up call about your driving or biking habits. However, if it’s the other way around, then consider taking legal action as soon as you can. You not only “deserve” compensation, but it’s wise as well to help with the costs associated with an accident.

Know What You Deserve

Compensation covers most of the expenses that incur after the accident. These are legal fees and medical fees. It would also cover lost wages, damage to property, and even trauma. After the case has been settled, the at-fault party will be obligated to pay you your dues.

Compensation is an important part of the legal process. It is what can potentially save you from years of financial problems after an accident, so know what you deserve.

Keep All Receipts and Records

Any receipts or documents that you get for your expenses are crucial. These can be used as the basis of the compensation you are entitled to. It’s crucial that you collect all the necessary documents for your expenses.

Usually, these things will be given to your attorney so that they have the means to calculate what you deserve through the process in court.

A bike accident is a serious medical and legal matter that you need to be prepared for even if you are the best cyclist out there. You can never really tell when accidents will happen. Knowing how to respond to these legal matters is the key to making sure that you don’t lose anything more than you have to after an accident.


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