By Allen Brown

Your work environment can have a profound effect on your ability to focus (and stay focused) and your ability to accomplish your work responsibilities. Thus, the design of your office, whether you work at home or in an organization, is of paramount importance. The topic today is not just about “feng shui”, but about producing the best results and achieving your goals.

Information overload, daily stresses, and tight deadlines can drain your energy and result in a diminished level of productivity. Fortunately, improving your workstation need not be as difficult, costly, or time-consuming as you may think. Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your workspace and boost your productivity.


Lighting is one of the most significant elements in staying focused and feeling inspired to create, yet is one of the factors neglected and under-invested in. When poor lighting is used, it can cause fatigue, headaches, eyestrain, and general irritability. If you work in an organization, you may not have any control over the lighting, so bring in your own if necessary. Consider utilizing a light therapy device or natural light bulbs. If you are working from your own home office, open windows and doors to allow natural light into the room. Lamps may be used in different locations on rainy or dark days.


Simply changing the predominant colors in the office can have a dramatic effect on how we feel. 

People’s emotions are connected to colors, and that is why colors should be used carefully in all aspects of the room as well as in ways that reflect the mood we want to create. For example, the use of green and blue hues in the workspace will boost productivity and help people focus. Yellow can aid creativity because it tends to be highly stimulating, red is great for areas that require a lot of physical activity, while neutral hues have a calming psychological effect. If painting the office walls is not an option, you can try adding some color through the use of artwork or personalized office accessories such as vertical phone chargers, YourPlayMat customized mats, wireless charging pads, posture belts.


Clutter may motivate creativity, but it does not necessarily improve focus and productivity. While you cannot control the cleanliness of the office as a whole, you can maintain your own surroundings. Ten minutes should be spent every morning or evening detailing items to make sure they are properly stored, filed, organized, and out of sight so they do not distract you later. If you work at home, you may be susceptible to distractions throughout the house or apartment. If you can afford to, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to maintain the cleanliness of your home. If you do not, schedule a specific day and time for cleaning your home. Make it a point to clean your office every day and make sure your workspace is organized.

Noise Level

Noise levels in an office environment can differ greatly depending on the size of the team within which you work, the office design, and the company culture. Be aware, however, that excessive noise can lead to distraction and interfere with your ability to focus. Additionally, stress levels can be raised, making productivity much more difficult to sustain. If you are working from a company premise, bring your own noise-canceling headphones and listen to music through music services, and choose a mixture of relaxing tones, like white noise, to boost concentration. Ask your workplace if you have access to quiet work areas during periods when you need to concentrate. 

Working from home, the complete silence can sometimes be as distracting as the noise in a company office environment. Consider using devices that can be used to simulate the ambient noise of coffee shops, which has been proven to improve concentration.


Stimulating the sense of smell can also help increase productivity at work. There is evidence that certain smells can reduce an employee’s tendency to make mistakes. A study has found that scents such as lemon, lavender, and jasmine can boost brain activity and make employees more productive. Lemon was found to be the most stimulating scent, reducing errors by 54%. Those studies show how effective aromatherapy really is. The best part? You can make your own DIY air freshener easily by mixing distilled water with a few drops of essential oils of your choosing.

In conclusion, your workspace must be tailored specifically to you. It is the place where your life is spent (or at least the part that pays the bills). As well as supporting your well-being, your productivity should be enhanced. Following the advice above will assist you in optimizing your desk setup to have the best work days of your life, as well as the energy to do things outside of work.


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