Marketing is a crucial factor in creating a long term successful business. There are many different forms of marketing and most you can tailor to the specific needs of your business and its type. With that also comes both online and offline marketing strategies that should both be taken into account when it comes to building a business. The growth depends on the efficiency of the marketing strategy you choose to implement. 

For small businesses, it is especially important to have a significant amount of focus on marketing. Online marketing strategies are extremely beneficial for those smaller businesses. You want to focus on getting the right group of customers or clients to your products or services, which you can do if you conduct further research into their preferences, all of which you can refer to from this maxdiff analysis example. Sometimes small businesses can rely on advertisements online or offline, but other marketing methods have been proven to give significant results for businesses looking to expand their growth. Most customers and future customers are online and a vast majority of the population spends a vital amount of time online. 

If you have a small business and you want to expand your customers and outreach, you must find some room for online marketing methods. Here is a list of the most popular forms of online marketing. 

  • Social Media

Social media is quite crucial to the growth of small businesses today. Many companies have adapted to the new way of communicating with their customers and have seen a growth in their success due to it. You must have an active social media for your business and you must post quality content as well. You want to get your audience engaged in your business and you can do that easily through social media. 

You can focus on having all of your social media accounts up to date or you can focus on the social sites that are most beneficial or convenient to you. Many businesses have a Facebook account but not all have an Instagram account. Those that want to be heavy on photographs like restaurants or boutiques should focus on Instagram rather than sites like Twitter, for example. Your online presence is important and should be personable as well.

Utilize your social media account to create and build relationships with your current and future customers. It can be easy to build trust with your customers through comments, likes, and even reposts on your social accounts. You can even use the direct message feature on certain apps and sites that allow your direct contact with your customers. This causes for an easy and convenient exchange for customer communication and service. 

  • Link Building

Link building is another online based marketing strategy that takes your business’ website to new levels. Link building stands out against other methods of SEO building as it is Google’s heavily weighted factors of online marketing tactics. Search engines like Google like to rank websites based on trust, authority, and relevance. Many websites aren’t either credible enough or lack expertise for them to be located a higher page counts when searching. The more links people have back to your site, the more authoritative and credible your website is to Google and other search engines. 

Your website will rise to higher rankings on the search page when you have multiple links back to your specific page. Make sure to research link building to be prepared on how it works and how to use it to your advantage. There are link building agencies out there to help assist you along the process.  

  • SEO Marketing

Though link building is a part of SEO marketing, it isn’t the only form of online marketing that effectively works. Online marketing consists of ways businesses can grow their customers and profit through exposing their business and the likes of their work to the outside world. Online marketing expands to broader audiences and is effective for small businesses. 

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a highly profitable marketing method and is growing and becoming a primary way online businesses market to their targeted audience. What SEO marketing does is optimize your content and structure of your website to make it easier for search engines to use keywords to rank your website. Like we learned before, search engines use certain algorithms to rank the sites on a search. 

Many local businesses use this method to increase the number of locals view their web page and the amount of people who visit. Many customers are constantly searching on their mobile devices for local services and products, and you can optimize your relevance to these searches through local SEO. If you find you enjoy SEO marketing you might consider starting SEO marketing business as another great small business venture.  

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is something that has been effective in the past when it comes to business growth and is still considered one of the most effective marketing methods. A major part of building a business is creating relationships with your customers and clients. Though you can do that directly through social media, you can also utilize emails to help build strong relationships. Customers are more than likely not going to purchase from your site when they first visit, so having an email to follow up helps bring customers back. 

Companies that use this form of marketing find that it is best to figure a lead magnet first. This means you must find the type of audience you are looking for and offer them some kind of incentive for giving their email over to you. These are usually special promotions and discounts but could also be webinar access and special content. 

You can have specific types of content in your email to help decipher the types of customers you have. Associate certain customers with the links they click to help organized and distinguish the likes and dislikes of your customers. Include attention-grabbing content in your emails as well. It is always good to include: 

  • Infographics
  • Ebooks
  • Blog posts
  • Interesting copy
  • And more content
  • Blogging 

Many businesses are lacking when it comes to blog marketing. This can be a greatly beneficial method of marketing. Blogging helps get people to your site through interesting and quality posts on your website. It is always good to have a blog added to your website as it helps users and customers get familiar with the values and workings of your business. Blogging allows for an educational lesson on the business while giving a personalized copy. 

Blogging also helps you convert the traffic you get into the leads you can use for better customer understanding. Having blog posts on your website also brings authority. Those who have more educational content and access to knowledge on their site have a higher probability of getting more customer traffic. 


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