Family with two children (3 and 9 years) going on vacation, loading luggage into car. Main focus on girl and father.

Limit stress and pass the time on the road with these apps

Traveling with kids can be fun yet challenging. For this upcoming holiday weekend, we have compiled a list of apps and accessories that are helpful for parents and entertaining for kids.

Whether flying long distance or driving to grandma’s house, be sure to download and pack the items below:

Roadtrip Bingo
iOS + Android (free)
Roadtrip Bingo allows kids to check off things they spot while on a trip. Similar to the old license plate spotting game, this app also includes options for airplane travel as well.

FamilyTime Dashboard
iOS + Android (free)
Kids have a tendency to wander off. Better to be safe than sorry, and download FamilyTime Dashboard. Before leaving the house, install the app on your mobile device and their phones or tablets. The app safely monitors your child’s location, as well as any Internet or smartphone activity.

iOS (free)
Rather than trusting on unreliable restaurant reviews in unfamiliar cities, GetBeen to see your friend’s restaurant, hotel, and amusement kid-friendly suggestions on all of your travels! Using GetBeen, you can explore what’s nearby, and discover what your friends recommend, and share your experiences. No more frantic Facebook statuses asking for restaurant recommendations in the middle of nowhere, with GetBeen you’d have your friends opinions at your fingertips.

Here WeGo
iOS + Android (free)
Toddlers can be the most impatient road trip buddies ever. Avoid hearing the common phrase “are we there yet” by downloading Here WeGo. Rather than wasting all your data getting directions to your travel destination, this app provides detailed turn-by-turn directions for over 100 different countries that you can download and access offline, making it a great app to help avoid data fees. Here WeGo also offers directions for various forms of transportation, including car, bike or public transportation and updates prices, traffic conditions, where to park, for any drive.



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