By District 2 Orange County Commissioner Rod Love

There is an ancient proverb that says ‘If you want to go fast, go it alone. If you want to go far, go with others.’ There is not only strength found in the presence of numbers, but there is power in networking within them. For over 100 years, the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce has a prided itself on fostering an environment of networking and building sustainable relationships within the business community.

Many of us find that we spend most of our week working our business and little time working ON growing our business. To some, stepping away from productivity and the day-to-day operations to attend Chamber functions may seem like it would take away from the prosperity of their business. However, in reality, networking is an essential component of building your brand and your business.

District 2 Orange County Commissioner Rod Love

Not everyone may do business with you, but networking may also provide a greater return than just the financial one you were expecting. By creating meaningful connections, you’ll build lasting relationships which will lead to long-term success. The Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce provides many opportunities, venues and committees to meet new prospects, advocates, referrals, and even make new friends.

Over the past year, I’ve seen an incredible transformation in leadership, vision, and effectiveness at the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with many of the Board of Directors, and I was encouraged by the range of businesses and sizes that were represented, including individual proprietors to Fortune 500 companies. Also, the new team at the Chamber is focused on creating exciting events, developing membership involvement, building unique programs and an increasing membership ROI. Plus, they’ve developed a new structure of member benefits, that are based on your investment and won’t break the bank.

If you aren’t a member of the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce, I would like to invite you to explore three reasons why you should.

First, the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce is the voice of the Apopka business community. This starts with Robert Agrusa, the new President of the Chamber. Over the past year, I’ve seen first-hand the Chamber provide genuine leadership in order to influence the economic and governmental issues impacting our community. Plus, the new vision of the Chamber is to build a prosperous and sustainable community through leadership and service.

Secondly, the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce connects business and people. With over four hundred and seventy members, there’s a high probability that you’ll connect with someone new in our community. Additionally, by providing a network of resources and opportunities, the Chamber can promote business success by leveraging partnerships, collaboration, and credibility with our members and the greater Apopka community.

Lastly, the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce serves the businesses and people of our community. By acting with integrity, they’ve been able to give back to our community in times of need including: Post Hurricane Irma by generously donating to each of the restaurants that won in each of the four “Best Of” award categories at the 12th Annual Taste of Apopka; raise $3,800.00 for the City of Apopka Police Department’s “Shop with a Cop” program which helped provide a holiday experience to 38 children in our community; and partnered with Victory Church in Apopka to help gather and send hundreds of relief supplies to the people of Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. Martin, who were directly affected by the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Finally, the Chamber has been able to bring a diversity of perspectives together in order to promote and grow the visibility of our community, adapt to our unique opportunities and challenges and provide trusted resources and support for our members.

In closing, the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce is more than just a chamber. It is a collection of great organizations, businesses, elected officials, community leaders and an awesome new staff that is focused on meeting your needs and ensuring your business success, all while enhancing our broader community.


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